7 thoughts on “Stockton Football Team

  1. Judging by the height of the door behind them I think it is the Oxbridge because isn’t the front door at the top of a couple of steps and the lads at the back are stood on something and you can still see the top half of the door… ‘elementary my dear Watson’! ‘Amazing Holmes’! The side door is at the top of steps also but I think this is the front with the double windows. The door of the pub in the old Moor is at ground level. Back in the sixties my grandad used to have the keys to Victoria ground and helped to look after the place. When the old leather casey balls used to go out of shape my grandad would give us kids them to kick about. That breeze block wall that was built right around the pitch was built by him and my dad and my uncle as at one time they used to have their own builders yard. I was about 10 at the time and thought I would help out until a breeze block fell and scraped all my shin. I remember my grandad taking me into the dressing room and pouring iodine or something on it which hurt more than the flaming cut. Yes I have good memories from those days.


  2. Hi Bob. I originally thought the pub was the old Oxbridge pub in Light Pipe Hall Road, but the two you mention could both be candidates. The photo was my dad’s, Arthur Brookes. It is his dad, George in the photo. Dad would have known the pub, but he died 3 years ago. Wonderful memories of old Stockton. The other photo of almost the same team, looks to have possibly been taken at Victoria ground.


  3. Probably the Oxbridge. I remember being told they used to change in there and walk to the Ground in their kit.


  4. Were they playing at The Victoria Ground then? If so, just guessing, could the pub be The Old Moor or The Oxbridge if they were built then?


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