Large Load on Belasis Avenue, Billingham

This is a group of four images of one of the many large loads that were transported into I.C.I. Billingham. They were taken on Belasis Ave, Billingham as the load negotiates the various obstacles, and attracted a large crowd. We have this dated around 1983/1984, only because I was using slide film at that time.

Photograph and details courtesy of Alec Moody.

8 thoughts on “Large Load on Belasis Avenue, Billingham

  1. Sunday 25 March 1984. An unsociably early start made worse by the start of BST that day. The longest load ever moved on a British road at the time made the next Guinness Book of Records. I worked at Head Wrightson Teesdale in Thornaby while this (a Nitric Acid Column) was being manufactured but I was working for Sunters by the day of the move. I later worked at ICI Billingham, where it ended up. I’m the lad in the pale jacket posing for the camera in the bottom LH photo. Next to me is Sunter’s Company Engineer, Leason Gower.

    The “guy in charge of Sunters big moves” who “always wore a grey suit, collar and tie, had silver grey hair and had a permanent smile” might be Jack Higgins – although he was Heavy Haulage Manager, he wasn’t in charge of the big moves (that was Dave Taylor). I think that’s Jack in front of the wagon (under the ‘E’ of ‘HAULAGE’) in the same photo – with his coat covering his suit.

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