Grangefield Grammar School for Girls, Golden Jubilee 1965

Are you or anyone you know in this photograph?

A photograph of Grangefield Grammar School for Girls, Stockton in 1965. Teachers (l-r): Mr Ellis, 2 secretaries, Miss Stainsby, Miss Wheelwright, Miss Newman, Mrs Perry, Mr Atkinson, Mrs Atkinson, Mr Jeffreys, Mr Buckle, Mr Nutall, Mr Wood, Mrs Estruck, Miss Dubbin, Miss Stevens, Miss Coster, Miss Styan, Mr Hodgson, Mr Brady, Mr O’Brian, Mr Price, Mrs Oxley, Mrs Thersby, Miss French, Mrs Lucus, Mr ?, Mr Brooks, Mr Grace, Mr Everett, Mr O’Neill, Mrs Moss, Mademoiselle, Miss Fleck, Miss Thomas (Mrs O’Neill), Miss Leicester, Fraulein.

Photograph courtesy of Gillian Brookes.

10 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School for Girls, Golden Jubilee 1965

    • I went to Grangefield in 1964, my name is Shirley Williams, I remember Ann Bowbanks, Julie Simpson, Elaine Wray, Pat Boucher, Edith Barwick, Ena Taylor.


      • I went to Grangefield in 1964. I remember Sheila Hope, Carol Pickering, Maureen Lee and I remember you Shirley and the other girls you have named. My name was Christine Hoffmann


  1. I have a copy of this photo so I know where I am on it! Most of my form take up the top right back row and the row in front to roughly half way. The lady to the right of Miss Newman was Mrs Pursey (incredible Maths teacher) not Perry. I can remember quite a lot of the girls in my year on here and I know one or two in the other years. We are in the winter uniform so it’s either before the Easter break of 65 or after the summer hols – so I would have been either still in the 4th or just starting in the 5th year preparing for ‘O’Levels in the Summer of ’66!


  2. I remember getting this picture taken and recognise some faces. Still trying to find myself!!
    Did Christine Mothersdale go to Oxbridge School?


    • No – I didn’t attend Oxbridge School. Originallly from Roseworth my sister and I moved to Thornaby in 1963.


    • I left Grangefield several years before this photograph was taken. The only teacher’s names I recognise in my time there were, Mr Nuttall, Mr Hodgson, Mrs Atkinson, Misses Stevens, Styan and Dubbin, so many changes within the staff.


  3. My sister – Susan Owles – attended Grangefield Grammar and was there in 1965 aged 13. I have tried to look for her on the picture but can’t make her out. We lived in Thornaby but she still came home for dinner getting two buses. I do remember the uniform guidelines were quite strict but my sister always turned the skirt over at the waist and wore the beret at the wrong angle. The only girl I can remember from then was called Christine Chapman. Will have to dig out a magnifying glass as it would be lovely to find her on the picture.


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