The Sibson Family of Norton

My great great grandfather Daniel Sibson was a dental surgeon for Hughes and Sibson at 16 Hardwick terrace, Norton in 1885. In 1887 we believe he ran the practice on his own, though in 1906/1907 he is listed along with A.B Sibson who is also a dental surgeon. By 1914/15 Daniel was living at Grinsdale Lodge, Junction Road, Norton.

Lillian Connie and Reginald Blunsom visit the graves of Daniel and Elisabeth Sibson. I believe they are buried at the Friends’ Meeting House in Norton but I saw on another site that their headstones are not listed there. I have two references to work on. One is the included photograph of the grave probably taken in the late 1950s. The other is an entry in the Friends’ Monitor book when Elisabeth died in 1919. “There was a large company at the funeral, which took place at the Friends’ Burial Ground, Norton on the 13th March, her remains being laid alongside those of the dear one whom she had tended so lovingly and well.” Is it possible to find out definitively where these graves are?

Photograph and details courtesy of Jeremy Sibson.

2 thoughts on “The Sibson Family of Norton

  1. I notice that Daniel named his house Grinsdale Lodge. My Sibson ancestors come from Grinsdale near Carlisle. I assume there is a connection?


  2. Stockton have an office which deals with burial sites, I am not sure if they only deal with main cemeteries but I have always found the gentleman who deals with this very helpful. Even if they don’t deal with Quaker burials he might have some information as to who could. Ring 01642 393939 and ask to be put through to someone who deals with information on graves.


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