Stockton Secondary School Football Team c1912

This photograph shows Stockton Secondary School’s football team at the end of the 1912-13 season.

The names of the players are as follows:
Back row (l-r): J. MacGregor, P. Trenholm, G. Dee, T. Weatherall.
Middle row (l-r): S. Bowes, C. J. Osborne (capt), J. W. MacWilliams, W. Wilkinson, J. Barton.
Front row (l-r): R. Dudley, W. Reed, A. MacLennan, J. Connors, W. Morrow.

Maybe somebody will spot their grandfather?

Photograph and details courtesy of Cliff Thornton.

5 thoughts on “Stockton Secondary School Football Team c1912

  1. My father Gilbert Dee is in the back row next to Tommy Weatherall. My father and Tommy joined up together in 1915. They were in the same company of the Royal Engineers. Tommy was killed in 1917 at Ypres and my father was in his burial party. Tommy’s mother was a widow and he was her only child. As was common in those days Mrs Weatherall kept his bedroom as a shrine.


  2. I think G. Dee may well be G. P. Dee who was Chemistry Master at Richard Hind Boys’ School in the 50’s. He certainly attended Stockton Secondary School because his name appeared in the 1913 Old Boys’ School Magazine.


    • You are right Derek, his middle name was Patrick, which resulted in him being nicknamed “Paddy” by his classmates at the Secondary School.


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