St Gerards RC Football Team 1955/56

This is the St. Gerards Roman Catholic School football team, St. Gerards was a small school with only four teachers and was in Haverton Hill.

The players from left to right starting with the back row are:- Peter McGrogan, Terry Madden, -??-, Bill Burnett, Alan Gatley, Tommy Richardson, Peter King, Tony ??, Frank Dilliston, Stephen Waller, David Conway, -??-. The leftmost teacher is Mr Carroll and the rightmost is the headmaster Mr Morrisey.

We weren’t a very good team, in fact I can only remember winning one match against Preston Juniors in Stockton and I can’t for the life of me remember how we got to away matches, did we make our own way there by bus? Can anybody put names to the three players whose names escape me?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bill Burnett.

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