Sydney Charles Johnson from Thornaby c1939

Sydney Johnson was engaged to mum Nancy Richards, Christmas 1939. He was killed in Dunkirk 1 June 1940 and was buried at the War Cemetary in Dunkirk, France. Does anyone know if he has any relatives still living in the area?

Photograph and details courtesy of Gillian Brookes.

4 thoughts on “Sydney Charles Johnson from Thornaby c1939

  1. He was my uncle Sunny, my dads brother Desmond. Dennis is still alive and kicking, I’ve been to his gravestone at the British war graves cemetery at Dunkirk which is kept in good condition, I look very similar to my uncle Sunny.


  2. Gillian, Sydney, was born in 1920, and was the eldest of 6 children.
    Irene was born in 1923, followed by Arthur in 1925, then Desmond in 1927, Doreen in 1931 and finally Dennis in 1934. So there is a good chance that some relatives still live in the area.


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