5 thoughts on “Furness Shipyard, Haverton Hill

  1. The bit on the right hand side as we look was called the basin where ships were tugged into after launch to be fitted out.


  2. A nice photograph showing the now demolished shipyard office block centre right so probably taken at least 20 years ago I should think?


  3. I worked there in 1953 left in 1955 for medical reasons. Helped build & saw the launch of their biggest build a ship called The MELIKA, 33,000 tons. Learnt how to communicate with hand signs because of the noisy environment with corking machined etc.


  4. My Great Grandparents lived in Furness Buildings in 1901, They were situated in Thornaby, just off Trafalgar Street.
    My Great Grandfather was a dock labourer at this time. Does anyone know if these buildings were for workers at the Furness shipyard? I am wondering if that’s where he worked.


  5. This is a lovely aerial shot of Furness’s (thank you Derek) but it is tinged with sadness. I had relatives who worked here. I am a Scot who moved to Stockton and also had family who worked on Clydeside where many great ships were built. Most of this has gone but we must not be depressed, new horizons are coming.


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