4 thoughts on “Mason & Sons Ltd, Brunswick Street, Stockton

  1. I worked for J W Masons in the office until 1978 taking telephone orders for fruit and vegetables. As well as distributing to shops they also supplied a good many local schools. They were a nice family to work for and I only left when I was due to have my son William. The office were above the warehouse.


  2. You can barely see it, but the heavy sliding door to the left (“LOVE”?) is the back of my dad’s (Malcolm Bailey) office/warehouse. He was the wholesale newsagent for Sunday papers for all of Stockton and some surrounding areas. The front (on William Street) had the sign “M Bailey Wholesale Newsagent”. Both he and Mason (John? I did meet him plenty of times, but can’t remember) were fans of horse racing, and they part-owned horses together for many years.


  3. I used to repair J.W Masons trucks. He was a nice guy, always helping the lads in the warehouse. They had a bungalow on Darlington Back Lane and a farm at Redmarshall way.


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