Season’s Greetings

Well, there’s another year gone….

Picture Stockton is indebted to those who donate photographs, those who add their stories and comments and also the site visitors who just enjoy the site for what it is. This is what makes Picture Stockton a success. I hope that you have had as much pleasure from visiting the site as I have from running it.

I’d like to sincerely thank you all for your kind words and good wishes and to wish all of our friends old and new a very happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

I will be taking a few days off now but please keep your comments and picture contributions coming (for picture contributions please email:

Best Wishes, Laura.

Picture Stockton will be back on Tuesday 2 January 2018.

14 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Laura and the Library team, belated Good wishes for a Happy New year.
    Also all the best to all the people who post memories on here and those who read them.
    I have spent Christmas and New Year in some outlandish places though my thoughts were always in Stockton, Family and people I knew.


  2. Happy New Year to All, which reminds me that in olden days, at 10.30pm on the 31st of December each year, a small group of mostly men gathered around the Five Lamps column, George Street, Thornaby to greet the New Year, once 12pm had arrived the custom was for these men to visit homes to act as the “First Foot” (the first foot over the owners door in the New Year”) and a harbinger of good luck, health and happiness to all therein.

    To ensure good luck for the house the first foot should be a dark male (a discontinued requirement) and should bring with him symbolic pieces of coal, bread, salt, and a coin gift – usually 2/6 English money. The dark male requirement is believed to be a throwback to the arrival of the Vikings, when a tall blonde stranger arriving at your door could mean trouble, an integral part of the welcome to the New Year is to welcome friends, neighbours and strangers with warm hospitality and a slice of Christmas cake and drinks. Many of these customs continue today, especially in the older communities of the North East and Scotland, and long may they continue. Happy New Year to Laura and all Stocktonians and all.


  3. Merry Christmas I visit this amazing site every day it brings back lots of memories of great times on Teesside.. I now live in Bucks but still miss Stockton. Have a great break


  4. Merry Christmas from Canada, to you and yours Laura. Thank you for all you do & all the best for 2018.
    Also, to all those who contribute to this wonderful site, thank you for the reflections into the past & best wishes for the coming year.


  5. After becoming a Canadian sixty years ago, and at age ninety, my ties to good old England are as secure as ever and Picture Stockton is the link I treasure to keep me grounded. Thanks to you, Laura, this is made possible and my heartiest wishes go to you for a joyous Christmas and a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.
    These wishes are also extended to all of your corespondents who liven up my life with their anecdotes, memories, histories and information.


  6. Have a Merry Xmas and enjoy your holiday.
    Mant thanks for all your efforts during the year and allowing us many trips down memory lane.
    We look forward to more in the New Year.

    Colin and Christine Quinn


  7. Thanks Laura for all you do.
    Best Wishes for the new year.
    I enjoy looking at these buildings and places that occasionally have a happy memory or two.


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