6 thoughts on “Stockton Arms Hotel, Hartburn c2017

  1. My friends and I used to drink there on Friday and Sunday nights in the late 1950’s. We used the singing room as it was known then. It had a piano in the corner and there were some great singers who would stand up and render a song or two. A forerunner to Karaoke but the room was always busy.


  2. Associations are great memory-joggers. In the 1950s, my Mum knew a chap who worked at the Stockton Arms and owned a new, red and black, Arial Huntmaster. As a schoolboy, I was mad about motorbikes (still am, I am off out on my Honda when I have finished this post). I used to pedal-cycle to the pub just to look at this motorbike parked outside. In the late 1980s I stayed there a couple of times when visiting Stockton (I live in Epsom). The owner used to make jokes about me supporting Darlington but his breakfasts were delicious. Perhaps I should stay there again. I wonder if the breakfasts are still as good?


  3. My grandad who is long gone now once told me he helped build the Stockton Arms when he was a brickie back in the 1930s I think he said. He later went on start his own business and had his own builders yard in Ewbank Street in the 1960s.


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