4 thoughts on “The Black Path from Portrack Lane c2017

  1. I would guess that the black path was constructed in the middle 1800s to serve Portrack Ironworks, which would be to the right of the picture. In my day the surface was made up of what was probably black slag from the furnaces, and not really used by normal road traffic. Not even nice to cycle on.

    But the Ironworks, which seems to have been built around a blast furnace had long disappeared and the only vestige was the foundry on Portrack Lane, opposite the Cricketers Pub.


  2. Brilliant photograph! I don’t get back much these days and despite the photograph bearing no resemblance to the Black path I walked in the the 1960s – it still invokes happy memories – thank you. I look forward to walking it again one day.


  3. A far cry from the days of an engineering company on one side and allotments on the other, with a gas holder at the portrack end and one of Tilery Road schools joinery rooms at the other.
    An un-made pot holed surface and a short cut to Stockton baths.


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