St Peter Ad Vincula Church, Thornaby

This old Church on Thornaby Village Green dates from the 12th century. I attended a service there this month, it was my first view of the inside – beautiful. I remember when the church area was surrounded by a high hedge and gravestones.

Photographs and details courtesy of Derek Brittain.

10 thoughts on “St Peter Ad Vincula Church, Thornaby

  1. Captain Cook’s mother, Grace Pace was born in Thornaby-on-Tees and Christened at Peters church in 1702.
    Tom Thomas – ex Thornaby, now Sydney, Australia.


    • Tom. I Did not know this. But their old cottage from Great Ayton is in a park in Melbourne. I lived in Brisbane 1965 to 1968. Happy Times.


      • Derek
        I have three married daughters, one here in Sydney, one in Melbourne and one in Brighton, Queensland. I have visited Captain Cooks cottage in Fitzroy Gardens on a few occasions and always amazed how small the cottage rooms are.
        Tom Thomas


  2. I used to attend this church in the seventies when I lived near the Green. A really beautiful and peaceful building so glad it has survived and hope it is well attended.


    • My mum Sylvia Dover used to go to this church as did I at times when I came home from Rotherham. Father Geoffrey Bacon was the vicar, lovely church. I played the organ sometimes. Sandra Dover


      • Lived in Fordy Grove and knew your mum and uncle Henry quite well. I also worked at Head Wrightson and knew your dad and uncle Richie.


        Tom Thomas


        • Hi. I remember you in First Grove. I am a retired teacher. Still a fanatical Middlesbrough supporter. Hope you are well. Regards Sandra Dover


          • Hi Sandra

            Nice to hear from you and like you, still a keen long suffering Boro supporter.
            For a few years my wife Stella and I lived next door to your lovely grandparents.

            We moved to Eaglescliffe in 1964 then emigrated to Australia in 1969, we only intended staying for two or three years, however, we are still here because the children really enjoyed the nice weather and outdoor lifestyle. We have been retired now for a number of years and visit the U.K. quite regularly and always pay a nostalgic visit to Fordy Grove.

            All the best Sandra

            Take care



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