3 thoughts on “Can you name these 1st Norton Scouts?

  1. David. Norton at that time was still a village and most people knew everyone else. My Father lived in Beaconsfield Street after the family came from Prudhoe my Grand Mother being Norton born, Mill Lane Norton. They lived in the end house on the left hand side at the bottom of the bank. The only other building at that side was the Tea Pavilion one of two in Norton during the 1920’s, in my time it was a store house for Wreford Carrol to put his overflow furniture in from the Auction Rooms at the bottom of Norton High Street. Across the road was Carrol’s General Dealers Shop one of two in Beaconsfield Street at the time we were often in there as my parents knew them though as a lad I was more interested in the sweets. They were all it appeared to me a group of people who hung out together in early years so may well have been in the Scouts together. The Wades owned a garage on Billingham Road opposite the street, Hendersons, Forresters, Fletchers Yorks, Goldsbroughs, Lamberts and so many more who must have grown up and gone to school together as I did with the next generation.

    The Scouts were quite a large entity during those years and I could not wait to get in them but as the war progressed a lot of us Joined the three Cadet Groups Army Navy and Airforce, The Scouts Boys Brigade Girl Guides were still well attended and we all met up at the various Dances held at the William Newton School as well as Jamborees and Plays put on by the various groups at the same venue, my claim to fame being a recalcitrant tyre that would not remain inflated. Alas my acting efforts did not lead to the bright lights.
    Those various Groups gave us the confidence needed to get on in life, we were taught skills that came in very handy in later times and different climes, We were a band of brothers or sister depending on gender and many off us went on through life as friends.
    An experience I never forgot always enjoyed and say thank you for what you taught me.


  2. This picture would show a very early Scout group as the military stripes on the arm of one boy were done away with as it was too militaristic. The first Scouts were 1908 and it took off after Scout Masters were trained around 1910-11. My Father was in First Norton during the first world war, he would be thirteen in 1915, he had the Book of Scouting from that time, (no idea where that went) the whistle and a knife with a blade screwdriver and splicing prong for splicing ropes which he was very good at. He obviously loved his time in the Scouts as he spoke fondly of that time. I followed him into the Scouts Second Norton during the Second World war, like Father like Son, no H&S back then so we had freedom to learn how to manage when let loose camping, lighting fires cooking First Aid among the many skills the Scouts taught us.
    I cannot date the picture although knowing some of the History would put it back in the 1920’s.


    • I think my late uncles, James Carrol, and Wreford Carrol of Beaconsfield Road, were in the 1st Norton Scouts. I remember my late mother saying something about it. Some of her other brothers may have been in the scouts also. If this photograph was taken in the 1920’s, it’s possible that they may be present in the group, although I have no photographs of them when they were young, to compare faces.


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