5 thoughts on “St Peters Church, Wolviston c1900s

  1. Health and Safety Rules would not allow this today. What a fall for the loader on top!!!!
    He would stay on the load until they reached the stackyard, then unload.


  2. I lived adjacent to Wolviston in the new part of Billingham. We loved Wolviston, a nice pretty, fairly small village, and we would have moved to live theere but we emigrated to Australia in 1964, where I was engaged as a Naval Architect.


  3. I got married in this church in 1961. Lovely interior. Can anybody remember the vicar then. He was an army Chaplin.



    • Rev. Tony Harrington was the rector at Wolviston in 1961. He and my father knew each other from having first met in the RAF during the second world war.
      Tony was at Wolviston from the late 1950’s until about 1964 when he moved to a larger parish in Wakefield.


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