ICI Apprentices in 1967

A photograph of ICI apprentices taken at the ICI Billingham Apprentice Training School in 1967. I am in the middle row, far right. Who else do you recgonise?

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Bell.

5 thoughts on “ICI Apprentices in 1967

  1. The staff member is Bernard McNeill a great family friend, he was my Dad’s best man and they served their time together at Pickering’s Lifts before moving to ICI!


  2. Ian, could this year be 1968?. The lad at the far right back row I believe to be Ray Walker. Ray was a year younger than me, I started 06/06/66 as a messenger boy then in 1967 started in the apprentice school as a turner. Ray became a turner and because of our love of motorbikes and racing etc became best of friends throughout all our working lives. Sadly Ray died some eight years ago through leukemia. The lad 3rd left at the back looks like a lad I vaguely knew through friends, could it be Dave Corey?, became a welder?, could be wrong.


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