Grangefield Grammar School Staff

This photograph was taken c1960 and shows the staff from Grangefield Grammar School. Who are you able to identify?

Photograph and details courtesy of Gillian Brookes.


These lists which might help people identify more Grangefield staff.

Image and details courtesy of Pat Rendall.

22 thoughts on “Grangefield Grammar School Staff

  1. Calling all old boys and girls of the Stockton Secondary School (or its later incarnation Grangefield School). After months of hard work from our digital heritage volunteers we’re delighted to announce that our Stocktonian School Magazine collection has been digitised and added to the Heritage Stockton website. The collection spans almost a century and is a trove of information, full of interest for alumni, genealogists and those with friends or family who attended the school.

    The archive is fully searchable, but you might notice our collection is not complete. So, if any former pupils are reading this and have a cardboard box full of old Stocktonians at the back of the cupboard, then do get in touch with us!

    To view the collection go to


  2. I was taught by Miss Styan too plus others mentioned. I have 2 school magazines with lists of the teachers so I’ll scan and post those. I forget some of the names but it may jog the memories of others.


  3. Front row, 5th from left, I remember as Miss Styal (although previous comment names her as Miss Ryan – absolutely brilliant & fascinating teacher of Egyptian history, which still entrances me at 67 years old!!!


    • Joyce this has nothing to do with Grangefield Grammar, but my husband’s grandmother was a Holligon. Do you know anything about the family. I would really appreciate it if you could get in touch either to confirm or deny any connection. Picture Stockton will give you my e.mail address
      Kind regards Moira


      • Hiya, Moira – good to hear from someone with the Holligon connection. My half-brother has searched to family history back to the 1700’s so we have loads of information. For info, my late father was Frederick William Holligon, brother of Alfred, Josiah Gibson Holligon, Susan (became Lacy on marriage) and others. I personally knew Alfred and Susan. Don’t know whether any of these names ring a bell as there seem to be several stems to the Holligon family tree, some of which we never knew about. Another lady contacted me some years ago via this website too. Feel free to re-contact if you wish. Joyce


        • Hi Joyce I will get your e.mail address from Laura at picture Stockton if that is ok. Josiah is a family name so there must be a link somewhere. Moira


  4. History teacher was Miss Styan – close friend of Miss Dubbin and, when I was there 1961-68, Mr Casson taught me Geography in Room 9.


  5. Back Row from Left (don’t know 1,3,6) 2nd Mr Brady (Scripture), 4. Mr Nuttall (Geography), 5. Mr Casson (History), 7. Mr Hodgson (English). Middle Row. 1. Mr Barratt (History), 4. Marilyn ? she married the Aussie Art teacher, Mr Wood, some years later. 4th from right is Mrs Estruch – Spanish lady, taught Science & Spanish. I know some other faces but can’t remember names. Front Row: 3rd Miss Newman (I think – she’s a bit chubbier than she was by 1962) (French), 5. Miss Ryan (History), 6. Miss Milburn – Headmistress (friend of Gustav Holst of The Planet Suite fame), 7. Miss Stevens (Deputy Head & Maths) Formidable woman!!, 9. Could be Mrs Tighe (French) 11. Miss Dubbin (Music) – reminds me of Hettie in NCIS (Los Angeles) – same stature, similar features & similar prickly manner.


    • Middle row 3rd from left I think may be Miss Coates (PE) 5th from left I think taught English but can’t remember her name (possibly Mrs. Kell) and Miss Simpson 5th from right


    • Besides the names of teachers already mentioned others include , front row left, Miss McDermid…Domestic Science,not too sure if the teacher next to her? then , Mrs Almond…Art, Mrs Jewitt…Science, next to Miss Stevens possibly Miss Nicholl?, between Mrs Tighe and Miss Dubbin is Miss Sheila Johnson, …English, behind Miss Dubbin is Mr Almond….Art, both him and his wife taught that subject. Mrs Coates, PE was originally Miss Davies. I left in 1959 and do not recognise some of the staff on here, several of the teachers I knew must have left prior to this photo.


    • Are you sure Reg Atkinson is in this shot as he taught me Maths in 1956 I can’t pick him out and he was a fantastic teacher and very fair.


      • Reg Atkinson was a maths teacher at Richard Hind in the early 1950’s. At that time his brother Ken was a student there.


      • Dave, I think Joyce was referring to the small picture at the top of the page, – Grangefield (Boys) class of 1958-59.
        There is Reg Atkinson, front and center. I agree with you he was a fantastic math teacher. He loved using mnemonics to help us remember. For example, a “rhombus” was visualized as a “rum bus”, -a double decker getting stuck under a low bridge and twisted out of its square shape. Another was “OHMS” (the old postal “On Her Majesty’s Service”) was used to remember sine in geometry “Opposite over Hypotenuse Means Sine. I remember many of these from over 60 years ago!


        • Thanks for clearing that up. I also still remember OHMS and OAT as if it were yesterday. I see there is a complete new building on the site I live in Bucks but use this excellent site to keep abreast of developments in Stockton 😅


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