Ashmore, Benson & Pease Company Memorial Plaques, August 2018

The Ashmore, Benson & Pease Co., 1914 – 1918 memorial plaque from the Bowesfield Works. It reads:

“Lest We Forget”
To the enduring memory of comrades from these works, who gave their lives, in the Great War. 1914 – 1918
Appleby J, Evis P.C, Owen A, Branson F.A,  Foster C.E, Ramsey J, Brown E, Jackson E, Rowntree J.N, Clasper T.S, King J, Scott G.S, Craggs C.E., Martin W.H, Doughty H, O’Brien P.

Also nearby is the foundation/commemoration stone for South Works. It reads:

1873 – 1951
The Power Gas Corporation Ltd. Ashmore Benson & Pease Company
This stone commemorates the establishment of the South Works and was and was unveiled on the 14th July 1951 by Wilfred Beswick and Alfred Lonsdale

Both are in dubious condition and can be found in the car park of Jacobs office on Bowesfield.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alec Moody.

4 thoughts on “Ashmore, Benson & Pease Company Memorial Plaques, August 2018

  1. Thankyou for posting photograph of these WW1 memorials. I was interested to see one of the deceased was a J N Rowntree. My maiden name was Rowntree, my father was Arthur and my grandparents were Willy and Frances Rowntree, living in Stockton On Tees. They had a large family but unfortunately as my mother and father separated when I was a baby I do not know the names of his siblings. Thanks to this posting I will now be able to find J N Rowntree’s service record and see if he is a member of my family.


    • Apologies I should have written J. H. Rowntree. What little I know about James Henry Rowntree, he was a Private in the 9th Battalion of Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. He was killed somewhere on the Somme on 16 Sept 1916 and is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial. His belongings were went to his widow Sarah Ann Rowntree (nee Hobby, married 1908). Hope this helps.


  2. The top memorial stone was mounted in the Bowsfield Lane office canteen wall for many years until the offices were demolished a few years ago. Pity that they can’t be properly looked after and displayed. Preston Park Museum may be a better option than the Jacobs car park.

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