Class photograph from Grangefield School 1958/9

This is a Grangefield School class photograph showing Form 2LB 1958/9.

Back Row (left to right): Geoff Daniel, Molly Maddren, Pete Hartley, Raymond Harker, Malc Turnbull, Tony Guthrie, Lyle Conquest, Tony Greenhalgh, Dave Gathergood. Middle row (left to right): ? Harwood, Howard Hill, Roy Smith, ? Groves, Dave Macadie, ? Denison, Jeff Carr, ? Smith, John Robson, ? Caygill, Nigel Ormandy, Geoff Barker. Front row (left to right): ? Sanderson, Dave McLeod, Chris Jackson, Joe Pollard, ? Ingham, Mr Bagley, Nev Gray, Atkinson, Hansell, Dave Warner, ? Beeston.

Photograph and details courtesy of Malcolm Dunn (who was absent from school when it was taken).

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