1 thought on “Silver Street, Stockton c1986

  1. Maddox”s I loved the smell of that shop, I was at the Richard Hind School during the war years and once a month I walked from the school to Maddox’s to collect a big bag of corn for the hens we kept, it was on ration. Clutching the large paper bag I would then get the “0” bus home making sure the bag did not get punctured on the way home, a slight hole and grain would fly in all directions.
    We Kept hens for egg laying plus a dozen Cock birds for selling at Christmas the only time we ever ate Chicken, it was not the everyday food you get today.
    Hens laid eggs in season so we collected spare eggs each day which we put into a large stone chatty filled with water and Isinglass which sealed the egg shell preserving them, you could crack an egg months later and they would be as fresh as the day they were laid.
    The laying hens had the run of the garden and kept the bugs down, the ducks and geese were penned into a large area though let out and walked across the Green to the Duck pond every other day, A sight I never forgot, “Dad” come on girls and they would line up behind him and trot across the green babbling away and into the pond, after a good swim it was come on girls and they followed him back home.
    We also got Ground Meal from the Maddox Mill in Prince Regent Street, Dad collected that by truck delivering some of it to other pig owners in Norton.
    I started work next door to the Maddox Mill with Francis Browns Sheet Iron Works and loved the smell of the mill which seeped into the works.
    That is pictures for you they all contain memories even down to the smells I can conjure up as I write this.

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