St Mary’s Girls c1925/30

I believe this was taken during a concert or pantomine at St. Mary’s Girls School c1925/30. My aunt is sitting in the centre. I’m afraid I have no idea of the other girls’ names.
My aunt, Madge Moore, born in 1919 unfortunately died of Leukaemia in 1936. Her twin was Denny, her other brothers were Jim and Tom and her sister was Kitty, my mother.

Photograph and details courtesy of Kay Naylor nee Allinson now living in Leeds but still a Stockton girl at heart.

William Sharps Warehouse, New Street in Thornaby

William Sharp was a well known market trader with a towed caravan/stall placed adjacent to The Shambles on Stockton High Street. Mr Sharp sold fish, eggs and poultry and was famous for his boiled crabs and winkles at 6p a bag with a free pin provided. The eggs he sold were excellent value and his number one seller.

I worked for Mr Sharp (Bill) for four years, and always admired him and his wonderful family and son David. They rose at 5am each day, and took up their positions on the four markets they attended by 7am each day, getting back home at 6pm. This was fine in the summer, but an hardship in the winter when it was bitterly cold, snowed or rained. Suffice to say he never took an holiday, was never ill, and was always well admired by all who knew him. A fine man whom I still miss and admire.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bob Wilson.

St Gerards RC Football Team 1955/56

This is the St. Gerards Roman Catholic School football team, St. Gerards was a small school with only four teachers and was in Haverton Hill.

The players from left to right starting with the back row are:- Peter McGrogan, Terry Madden, -??-, Bill Burnett, Alan Gatley, Tommy Richardson, Peter King, Tony ??, Frank Dilliston, Stephen Waller, David Conway, -??-. The leftmost teacher is Mr Carroll and the rightmost is the headmaster Mr Morrisey.

We weren’t a very good team, in fact I can only remember winning one match against Preston Juniors in Stockton and I can’t for the life of me remember how we got to away matches, did we make our own way there by bus? Can anybody put names to the three players whose names escape me?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bill Burnett.

A Day at the Races c1962

Enjoying a day at Stockton Racecourse c1962. Teesside Retail Park now stands on this former site.

Stockton Secondary School Football Team c1912

This photograph shows Stockton Secondary School’s football team at the end of the 1912-13 season.

The names of the players are as follows:
Back row (l-r): J. MacGregor, P. Trenholm, G. Dee, T. Weatherall.
Middle row (l-r): S. Bowes, C. J. Osborne (capt), J. W. MacWilliams, W. Wilkinson, J. Barton.
Front row (l-r): R. Dudley, W. Reed, A. MacLennan, J. Connors, W. Morrow.

Maybe somebody will spot their grandfather?

Photograph and details courtesy of Cliff Thornton.

The Sibson Family of Norton

My great great grandfather Daniel Sibson was a dental surgeon for Hughes and Sibson at 16 Hardwick terrace, Norton in 1885. In 1887 we believe he ran the practice on his own, though in 1906/1907 he is listed along with A.B Sibson who is also a dental surgeon. By 1914/15 Daniel was living at Grinsdale Lodge, Junction Road, Norton.

Lillian Connie and Reginald Blunsom visit the graves of Daniel and Elisabeth Sibson. I believe they are buried at the Friends’ Meeting House in Norton but I saw on another site that their headstones are not listed there. I have two references to work on. One is the included photograph of the grave probably taken in the late 1950s. The other is an entry in the Friends’ Monitor book when Elisabeth died in 1919. “There was a large company at the funeral, which took place at the Friends’ Burial Ground, Norton on the 13th March, her remains being laid alongside those of the dear one whom she had tended so lovingly and well.” Is it possible to find out definitively where these graves are?

Photograph and details courtesy of Jeremy Sibson.