Empire Club, Haverton Hill

I recently received this photograph captioned ‘Club Building’ and I didn’t know which Haverton Hill club it was so I contacted an old Havertonian called Eddie Rose and this is what he said,

‘I can confirm that it is definitely the Empire Social Club, it was situated on land adjacent to Hope Street. Whilst I was never a paying client of this particular establishment it was certainly very well supported. About 200 yards further along was the Haverton Hill Working Mens Club, which in the late forties/early fifties was managed by a Mr. Cummings. I can recall that in the late forties the Empire did much good in the community by doubling – up as a soup-kitchen, and I’m sure that I may have benefitted from this on at least one occasion. Your particular photo of the Empire, by coincidence, is very similar to one taken by myself in the 1970’s, the only difference being that mine is more full-frontal. (Excuse the expression)’.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman and Eddie Rose.


Richard Hind, the class of 1965 c2016

The class of 1965, all new lads and lasses now young men with one young lady…
Back row: Norman Hill, Barry Moss, Dave Foundling (Sid), Ian Reeve, Anth Spacey. Front Row: Graham Swales (SWAG), Nigel Clegg, Dave Cooper, Liz Hindmarsh, George Thompson, Keith Leonard, Brian Maddigan.
A great night, we are hoping to get together again in June 2018 so anyone from the 1965 intake please get in touch. I’m sure there are more ladies from that year still around. Liz was slightly out numbered though she didn’t seem to mind.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

Junker Airplane at Teesside Airport c1980s

These three photos were taken at Teesside Airport in the early 1980s (approx 1983), I was going up on an aerial photo shoot and spotted this parked on the helipad, unfortunately I was using slide film and didn’t have enough frames to take any more, I believe the plane is a Junkers JU 52, obviously of German origin, quite what it was doing there I don’t have an idea, there may have been an airshow in the offing.

The plane has a corrugated body and three engines and was stood in the front of the hanger where the flying club stored their planes, we were pushing a little two seater airplane out of the hanger when I spotted the Junkers and I just had to take some photos.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Moving of the Endeavour, April 2018

The Endeavour moved from its current berth on the River Tees at Stockton to the Tees Barrage. This initial half-mile journey marked the first leg of the vessel’s voyage to Whitby. A massive crane positioned on Navigation Way at the Barrage hoisted the vessel to clear the top of the lock at the Tees Barrage. The lift was needed as the channel narrows at the lock gates to a width of six metres and the Endeavour’s hull is nine metres wide. From there, the Endeavour will be towed downstream to A&P Tees where it will be dry-docked and undergo a six-week refit and refurbishment including repairs to make it seaworthy. The final part of the journey to Whitby will commence and the Endeavour will be transformed into a visitor attraction scheduled to re-open later this year.

Photographs courtesy of Sylvia Coe.

Stagecoach Stockton Depot Open Day, 8 April 2018

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the formation of Teesside Municipal Transport, and the ‘creation’ of Teesside, Stagecoach North East held an open day at it’s Bridge Road Depot and invited the public along for a free day of family fun to help celebrate the occasion. There were guided tours of the depot, rides through the bus wash – in a bus obviously! and a display of classic and modern buses including a 1961 trolley bus which will be held in store locally before going to a new home at the Beamish Museum.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.