Marmaduke Place just off Norton Green

I passed this site about six weeks ago prior to the demolition of the building that stood to one end of it, I was hoping to be able to return and take some photo’s of it but I was too late. I believe from a sign that was attached to the building its last use was possibly as an upholsterers workshop, hopefully one of our learned site contributors will be able to let us know a little more of its history.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Lenham.

Pupils at Oxbridge Lane School c1952

t15445This is a photograph that my sister had from her time at Oxbridge Lane School. We left Stockton in 1952 to come up to North Ayrshire. Janet (Shields) was then about 10 or 11. She thinks the photo may have been taken in the summer of 1952. Janet is 5th from the left in the front row. Names she remembers but can’t put faces to include Margaret Pennock, Joyce Taylor, Rosemary Wardell, Sally ?, Margaret Ross, and Thelma ?

Photograph and details courtesy of Chris Shields.

Braun Cricket Team at Ashmores

t15436This is the team that won the Cricket Cup in the same year that the Braun Football Team won the Interdepartmental Football Cup. Back Row: ??, ??, George Short (manager), Geoff Smith, Ray Thomas, Jack Gilson, ??. Front Row: Will Carr, ??, Benny Brown, ??, Peter Johnson. Most of these players were in the football and athletics teams that managed to win the treble that year. Missing is Len Toulson who was also a member of this team.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Unknown c1964

t15422This photograph was taken on the afternoon of August 15,1964. It is outside the Queens Hotel (now demolished) which was next to Stockton Station. Every time I see it I wonder what became of the young driver. He will now be in his late 60’s early 70’s. Can anyone help me to trace or identify him?

Photograph and details courtesy of John Waller.