Cargo Fleet Works, 1st January 1987

Last of CRW (Wed 28.1.87), burning of the last beam… starting to go… just about gone… on the ground… and after the dust has settled. Thursday 1st January 1987.

Photographs and details courtesy of Robert Greenwell.

The last one standing!

A view of the last remaining pillar of Thorpe Thewles Railway Viaduct (built 1877), after its demolition, and a mechanical excavator sorting out the rubble. The photos also show the demolition team and Laura Grainger (standing on Wynyard Road) who set it off. One pillar remained standing after the demolition on June 3rd, 1979.

Grangefield Grammar School, Class 4R, 1964 – 65

Class 4R, 1964 – 65 with Mr P A Sedgewicke in charge!

Apologies for any errors:-

Back Row: ??, Billy Hugill, Alan Penson, Alan Harley, ? Cowan.

3rd Row: Thirlwell Ward, Dixon Beaumont Lyall(!), David Gibson Callendar Richard Hewitson Andy Malkin, Jonathan McClemont.

2nd Row: ? Beeston, ? Spendley, Mervin Blades, Spence (?), Roberts (?), me (Rob Mills), Johnny Crowther, John Little, Cliff Plummer, David Haigh, David Mackin.

Front row: Alan Moody, ? Wardell, Chris Allan, George Hilder, PAS, Trevor Pollard, ‘Jakey’ Blakey, ‘Oliver’ Postgate, Ian Elenor

We were pretty cool cats in our sports jackets, flannels and V-necked jumpers! Chelsea boots and hush puppies making appearances as well. I always thought GGS’ liberal view on uniform really set us aside from the lesser breeds of SGS and Richard Hind.

This was my last year at Grangefield; My dad was transferred from ICI at Billingham, down to their new Severnside plant outside Bristol.
There I started at a mixed(!) school, and spoke to girls – other than my sisters – for the first time since leaving Billingham North Junior. At 15 1/2, that was brilliant.

Photograph and details courtesy of Rob Mills.