Bentley’s Nightclub Prince Regent Street, Stockton c2017

Bentley’s was one of ‘the’ places in Stockton to go and boogie the night away in and probably even before disco too?
Close by was Tito’s in Brunswick Street, The Birds Nest in Yarm Lane and I seem to remember through the alcoholic haze of time Cizano’s and Bianco’s both also in Prince Regent Street. The ‘big two’ in Stockton were of course The Club Fiesta in Norton and The Kirk in Kirklevington and long before The Mall and is subsequent re-inventions appeared!The front of Bentley’s was fully boarded over for a long time and then removed possibly for re-development so I thought I better photograph the frontage before it disappeared for ever. Good times! Taken 17 September 2017.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Hardwick Secondary Modern School c1960s

A view of Hardwick Secondary Modern School taken sometime in the mid 1960’s. The school opened in 1963 as a mixed school but later became the girls school in 1967 and then the lower school in September 1973 when the name changed to Sheraton Comprehensive. Saint James court now stands on the site.

I believe the children in the photograph are Ian Smith and Michael Overton who now of course will be in their 50’s.

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Jordison.

Dot Lester Dance Troupe, 1946/47

Does anybody remember this Dance Troupe? The picture was sent to me by my aunt, Freda Leek.

Freda lived in Billingham and went to the South Modern School between
1943 and 1953, she tells me that because of a teacher shortage, due to the war, she only went to school on some days, sometimes for a half day and other times for a full day. Names she remembers in the troupe are; ? Hawkins, ? Hall, Alice Arnold, Celia Finlayson, Bettina Raine. Freda didn’t say where the Troupe was based but it could have been anywhere in the area.

Courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Two Baller Game, Rostrevor Avenue, Roseworth c1965

This photograph shows my wife’s sister Kathleen Hindmarsh playing two baller in Rostrevor Avenue, Roseworth in about 1965.

My wife Liz asks if anyone can remember the other games that were played in the street, like Kingy or Queenie or can still recite the two baller rhymes.

In the background is Mr Laybourne’s lorry which I think is a Thames Trader from the Redland tip on Blakeston Lane.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

Ernest and Margaret Temple, Mayor and Mayoress of Stockton-on-Tees








These are pictures of my Nana and Grandad, Ernest (Ernie) and Margaret (Madge) Temple when he was the Mayor of Stockton. Not entirely sure when, I’m assuming the 60’s? They went on to be the landlords of the (now demolished) Lord Nelson pub on King Street near Stockton Baths.

Photographs and details courtesy of Michael Temple.

ICI Billingham 1962 Discoverer Course

A photograph showing the group that attended the Billingham ICI Discoverer Course in 1962. The course tutors were Ray Teigh, Al Hart and Frank Sterret.

This was a 10 day residential training course held at Stubb House at Winston near Barnard Castle. It was similar to ‘Outward Bound’ courses but modified to suit the
requirements of boys employed by ICI.

Photograph and details courtesy of Richard Scott.

Something To Get Steamed Up About!

On display inside the marquee and for many the star of the show will be the original memorial plaque which ‘disappeared’ from the original ticket office at Bridge House-St Johns Crossing several years ago. The plaque was rediscovered in July after it made a fleeting appearance on BBC Look North who were reporting on the recent takeover of the William Lane Foundry in Middlesbrough, the last traditional foundry in the old Ironmasters District of the town. Unfortunately after it was removed the plaque was forcibly folded to aid it’s removal and obvious intention of being melted down but this was thwarted by the police who passed it onto William Lane for safe keeping and possible restoration.

The plaque dates to 1925 and celebrates the centenary of the S&DR.  It was unveiled by the then Duke of York (later King George VI) and carries the LNER Coat of Arms together with those of the towns of Stockton and Darlington. It reads “Here in 1825 the S&DR booked the first passenger, thus marking an epoch in the history of mankind”.  As we now know, this isn’t quite correct, but it’s still a hugely important artefact and deserves better than it’s current condition and status. The estimated cost of repair is in the order of £2,000 but the plaque was not insured by the Bridge House charity and at present funding is still required to repair and re-instate the plaque although a more suitable and safer home such as Preston Hall Museum may be considered.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

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La Ronde, Billingham Town Centre c2006

Demolition of the former nightclub La Ronde in Billingham Town Centre, August – October 2006. Who enjoyed a good night out in La Ronde?

Photographs courtesy of J Sculley.