Mr and Mrs English c1950s

A photograph of Mr and Mrs English, Mr Carroll and Miss Armstrong at St Gerards School in Haverton Hill c1950s.

I believe Mr English took the Headmastership at St. Johns school in Billingham when Doctor Smith retired in the early 1960s and became Headmaster of St Mary’s RC Primary School in Stockton possibly during the mid-1960s, as I started school at St Mary’s in September 1967, and left in July 1974. Incidentally, I spent my final two years in Mrs English’s class.  I would very much love to know what happened to Mr and Mrs English after I left St Mary’s, maybe someone who went to St Mary’s at the same time as me can shed some light.

Details courtesy of Perry Moore.

Remembrance Sunday, Thornaby 2017

The Remembrance Parade was led by the Billingham Silver Band to the Cenotaph on Acklam Road, Thornaby. The people in the photographs are ? Butterworth, Allan Huitson, ? Hughes, Derek Brittain and Irene Jessop.

Photographs and details courtesy of Derek Brittain.

Unknown Ceremonial Regalia – Can anyone help?

My sister and I have been trying to find out the meaning of our great grandfather’s ceremonial regalia.  We would love to know what club, trade council, or civic body John Bowker belonged to. Our mother (his granddaughter), has never known why he wore this uniform and it would be great to tell her.

John Bowker was born in 1868 in Skipton, and was a Master Tailor in Stockton-on-Tees, which included making the uniforms for officers. We do not have a date for the photograph, but we think he may have been about 65 years old, which brings it to 1933.

Any information about his regalia would be much appreciated.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mary Richardson.

Stockton Remembrance 2017 – The Tributes and the Poppy Truck

The ‘Poppy Truck’ was very impressive and travelled from it’s base near Hull to attend several events in the north east over Remembrance weekend. The wreath for Private Ernest Taylor of the Grenadier Guards had featured recently on Picture Stockton as had Major Edward Cooper VC whose wreath was laid by Neil Schneider on behalf of the Council.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Thornaby Remembrance Parade and Service, Sunday 12 November 2017

Pictures taken at the Thornaby Remembrance Parade and Service on Sunday 12 November 2017. The two gents stood in front of the Cenotaph on Acklam Road are Thornaby boys F/L Allan Huitson RAFVR(T) and Derek Brittain who were pupils together at Westbury Street Junior School.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.