Morgans Cafe Dance c1945

Here is a photograph of Morgans Cafe Dance taken 7th November 1945. My sister Sheila Bonner (later Huggins) is third from right in the middle row.

Morgans proved to be a good starting point for her career in catering, she would go on to organise the catering at events throughout the region for Vaux.

Photograph and details courtesy of Anthony Bonner:

Vane Arms Dinner Menu c1964








The dinner menu for the Vane Arms for 15th April 1964. All in all not a bad spread for under 80p in today’s money. I was given this menu by my aunt Nora Hough who worked at the Vane Arms for many years.

The real attraction for myself is that a very famous person was dining at the Vane Arms that night and he was good enough to sign the reverse side of the menu which reads ‘To Martin with best wishes Len Hutton’. Len Hutton is out the very top drawer of English cricketers and his 364 scored for England against Australia in 1938 remains the top test match score by an English player. Len Hutton became Sir Leonard in 1956 after he retired from the game.

Images and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Dorman Long Frames

I know Dorman Long is not Stockton but many Stockton residents were employed by this great Teesside company, including may late members of my family.

The photographs are part of on interest to illustrate lesser known Teesside achievements. Surprisingly there seems to be a number of Great Western Railway, Swindon built, steam locomotives that have DORMAN LONG, MIDDLESBROUGH frames, although many more frames from metal produced closer to Swindon, eg Port Talbot, Wales.

According to the internet this preserved engine No. 4965 Rood Ashton Hall is a hybrid of the original No. 4965 and No. 4983 Albert Hall. The frames seem to be from the original No. 4965, and the boiler from No. 4983.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alan Boardman.