Ropner Park c2004

t5153Ropner Park is one of the regions most impressive Victorian Parks, here we see work taking place on the lake c2004. The water was removed over a number of days and the fish taken to the Environment Agencys ponds at Pickering for a health check and for quarantine.

The silt that was built up in the lake t5154over the last fifty years was removed and stored in the Park. After 10-12 months when the silt had dried out it was used as compost for the flowerbeds.

Photographs courtesy of Parks & Countryside.

Stockton Unitarian Scouts c1956/7

t12390 t12391 t12392 t12393The Stockton Unitarian Scouts at camp, the year must have been 1956/57.  I would be interested if names could be put to these faces as there are only two that I’m sure of and those are myself Peter Fletcher and Ian Price. Others may possibly be Alan Sudron and Alan Wier, but I am not 100% sure…

Photograph and details courtesy of Peter Fletcher.

Stockton Races, 1970

t13476 t13477 t13478 t13479 The first photograph shows a horse called Mahalakshmi which ran in one of the supporting races that day. The jockey is a very young apprentice called Pat Eddery, he went on to be a racing superstar with over 4000 winners and was champion jockey many times.

The second photograph is of a horse called Noble Lad, his jockey is Ernie Johnson. Mr Johnson was also a top class jockey and the previous year had won the Epsom Derby riding Blakeney.

The third photograph shows a horse called Island Chief being led around the paddock, you can clearly see the race course stands in the background.

And finally a photograph of another well known jockey called Phillip Waldron seen walking out of the paddock in his white cap and purple/lilac colours.

Photographs and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.