Season’s Greetings

Well, there’s another year gone…. For those of you who don’t know, Steve retired in July 2016 and Picture Stockton wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his vision – the site was born out of a throw away suggestion over a cup of coffee nearly 14 years ago and it is still going strong after all these years!

Picture Stockton is indebted to those who donate photographs, those who add their stories and comments and also the site visitors who just enjoy the site for what it is. This is what makes Picture Stockton a success. I hope that you have had as much pleasure from visiting the site as I have from running it.

I’d like to sincerely thank you all for your kind words and good wishes and to wish all of our friends old and new a very happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

I will be taking a few days off now but please keep your comments and picture contributions coming (for picture contributions please email:

Best Wishes, Laura.

Picture Stockton will be back on Tuesday 3 January 2017.

Unknown Object

t15254I bought this sign from a fellow dealer and wondered if anyone knows were it would have hung. Would it have been on one of the Head Wrightson buildings or something they manufactured?

Photograph and details courtesy of Terry Westwood.

Rainbow over Holme House, 1972

t15199The main reason for taking the picture was the rainbow, which must have been produced by a shower over the Rocks (Portrack Shamrocks Football Club) Field in Portrack. But it does show construction on the old Holme House farm site. Was this a temporary school at the time, or was the building of the prison under way?

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Painting of Stockton High Street

t15100This is one of  Local Artist Tony Hutchinson’s works, depicting myself with my wife Marie sitting on a bench in Stockton High Street, with an unusual view of  the Parish Church in the background. Tony has created a wonderful painting capturing the Stockton High Street we all know and love.

Image and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Pension Award 1947

t14936 t14937This letter was sent to my great Uncle John Brodrick in 1947 advising him of his old age pension award of 10 shilling. Although not in the best of condition I think it is readable, some of the pension disqualification remarks on the back of the letter make interesting reading. The pension award must have been of significant importance in those days after the war because the information was sent by registered letter.

Images and details courtesy of John Robson.