Billingham Synthonia Football Club

Billingham Synthonia Football Club played on the Central Avenue ground for 60 years until the end of the 2016/17 season, they then moved to play at the Norton ground. As you can see the Central Avenue ground has suffered badly in the last year. A sad sight for Northern League football fans like myself.

Photograph and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Ashmore, Benson & Pease Company Memorial Plaques, August 2018

The Ashmore, Benson & Pease Co., 1914 – 1918 memorial plaque from the Bowesfield Works. It reads:

“Lest We Forget”
To the enduring memory of comrades from these works, who gave their lives, in the Great War. 1914 – 1918
Appleby J, Evis P.C, Owen A, Branson F.A,  Foster C.E, Ramsey J, Brown E, Jackson E, Rowntree J.N, Clasper T.S, King J, Scott G.S, Craggs C.E., Martin W.H, Doughty H, O’Brien P.

Also nearby is the foundation/commemoration stone for South Works. It reads:

1873 – 1951
The Power Gas Corporation Ltd. Ashmore Benson & Pease Company
This stone commemorates the establishment of the South Works and was and was unveiled on the 14th July 1951 by Wilfred Beswick and Alfred Lonsdale

Both are in dubious condition and can be found in the car park of Jacobs office on Bowesfield.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alec Moody.

Boundary Marker

Recent pictures of an old boundary marker for Stockton-on-Tees/Stockton Rural District Councils. The text on the faces reads: “Stockton on Tees”, “Stockton R.D.C.”, and around the curved top “County of Durham”. This one is located on Bishopton Road West in front of No. 239. It looks to be slightly buried as there is another near 200, Darlington Lane that seems a bit taller.

This map reportedly shows the 1964 boundaries of SoT (yellow) & SRD (green) councils, with the approx. position of this marker pointed out by the arrow.

Are there any others hiding out there?

Images and details courtesy of Jonathan May.

ICI Documents

These papers were found by Norman Kidd among his deceased fathers belongings.

The first is a letter from Mr A.T.S. Zeally, the Chairman of ICI at that time, celebrating 25 years production of Ammoia at ICI Billingham. The second are rare papers from 1942 stating what ICI did during the war. The photograph is of the Synthetic & Ammonia Nitrates Ltd Supply Departments Outing to Ullswater on June 24th 1928.

Angling Ticket c1906








An Angling Ticket for 1906 which was issued by the Duncombe Park Estate Office, Helmsley, North Yorkshire to a Mr. J. Bowron of Yarm Lane, Stockton. The ticket, on card, is signed on behalf of the Duncombe Park Estate by a John J. Bowman and says that it is valid until 14th May. Printed on each side, ‘Fishing on Sundays Strictly Prohibited’.

Images and details courtesy of David Dobbyn.

Billingham Synthonia Football Programmes

A series of Billingham Synthonia Football programmes dating back to the 1950/1.  Images courtesy of Laurayne Featherstone.

License to Fish for Trout c1913

An old fishing licence License made out to a Mr. J. H. Bowron of Yarm Lane, Stockton and dated 28th June 1913. The licence is signed by the Distributor Wanless Bros. (J. S. Wanless).The licence includes an interesting list of Authorised Distributors of Trout Licenses. This list includes P.C. Storrow, Police Office, at Piercebridge, Mr. J. Garget in Darlington and Wanless Bros., Bridge Road in Stockton-on-Tees.

Image and details courtesy of David Dobbyn


Ceramic Light Switch

This photograph shows the reverse side of a ceramic light switch found during the rewiring of an old Yarm house. The patent is shown as being granted in 1842, which leads me to wonder when electricity came to the town?

Photograph and details courtesy of Anthony Bonner.