Angel Room, Portrack Grange, Stockton c1950s

The ‘Angel Room’ which was part of the Portrack Grange cottages is believed to have been a Georgian tavern used by sea captains. The cottages stood on the bend of the River Tees before cuts were made to straighten the river. The plaster-work seen in the photographs is dated early to mid-18th century. The buildings were possibly some of the first brick buildings in Stockton (c1660s) and were apparently demolished c1959.

Lidl Supermarket, Yarm Road c2016/17

Photographs of the Lidl Supermarket being built on Yarm Road, Low Hartburn.  They show the construction at various stages through late 2016 to early 2017.  The supermarket is being built on the site of Nifco (formerly Elta Plastics).

Photographs and details courtesy of Queensgate Residents Group.

Thornaby Station Approach

t15253Although this photograph was probably taken in the mid-eighties, I don’t remember it being very different from when I used to commute to the various Dorman Long sites around South Bank, Cleveland Works and Warrenby, although at that tine Warrenby was run by BISRA (British Iron and Steel Research Association). What was the Embassy Club and was there any special reason for the pedestrian overbridge?

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Teesside Airport 1960s

t15193 t15194Here are a couple of shots of Teesside Airport in the 1960s, the exterior shot shows a ‘C’ registered car which dates it to 1965, the car is probably collecting visitors for either ICI or British Steel as both companies ran a fleet of cars for such purposes, the coach is likely awaiting a charter flight from sunnier climes.

The interior shot shows the sign to the spectators gallery and a practically empty departure lounge, apart from a couple of people in the doorway there is very little activity.

Photographs and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.