Haverton Hill Road

This photograph shows the Haverton Hill Hotel in the foreground, the railway line to Port Clarence in the middle distance and Belasis Avenue in the background. I don’t have a date but the houses to the left of the hotel are sporting television aerials that were in use in the 1960s. Can anybody put a name to the row of houses and could the building just disappearing off the left of the photograph be St. Johns Church?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Summerville Farm, Durham Road

Photographs showing Summerville farm prior to demolition and the building of houses.

Photographs and details courtesy of Terry Westwood.

Junction of Richardson Road and Dennison Street, Stockton c2017

I took this photograph towards the end of last year close to the junction of Richardson Road and Dennison Street. The Elizabeth Embroidery shop in view was formerly a branch of Stockton Co-op Society. This area retains old memories for me having attended Richard Hind School 1952/56. I also did maintenance work on the old Co-op when I was employed by the company. Houses were eventually built on the old school site, also showing in the picture is the rear of the former school caretaker house which was next to the junior school. That school is still standing but now a community centre, I think the house is now used by an administration company. Since the days I attended RH school nothing much appears to have changed around the area of the Sunderland Glebe estate, apart from the housing on the old school site.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Robson.

Empire Club, Haverton Hill

I recently received this photograph captioned ‘Club Building’ and I didn’t know which Haverton Hill club it was so I contacted an old Havertonian called Eddie Rose and this is what he said,

‘I can confirm that it is definitely the Empire Social Club, it was situated on land adjacent to Hope Street. Whilst I was never a paying client of this particular establishment it was certainly very well supported. About 200 yards further along was the Haverton Hill Working Mens Club, which in the late forties/early fifties was managed by a Mr. Cummings. I can recall that in the late forties the Empire did much good in the community by doubling – up as a soup-kitchen, and I’m sure that I may have benefitted from this on at least one occasion. Your particular photo of the Empire, by coincidence, is very similar to one taken by myself in the 1970’s, the only difference being that mine is more full-frontal. (Excuse the expression)’.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman and Eddie Rose.


Behind the hoarding!

As the restoration of The Globe Theatre begins another new phase and once again the hoardings are changed to announce a new joint venture, Big Plans, Bright Future – well we certainly hope so, reminders of its past have been placed on display in the Rediscover Stockton shop in the High Street.
A neat row of folding chairs stands in front of posters of former artists with many of the once familiar names, like the Globe, now long gone but wait there’s Cliff Richard so all is not lost! The various tickets, labels and show posters tell of its heyday and the Mecca bingo cards of its later life before eventual closure and years of decay. The items are well worth a look and easily found and also offer a nice break from the winter chill blowing down the High Street at this time of year!
A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all those who make Picture Stockton what it is, those who contribute or just browse, those behind the scenes who make it happen and all like the Globe, facing the New Year with renewed anticipation of what lies ahead.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.