Former Richard Hind Walk

These photographs show Richard Hind Walk housing estate built on the old school, hope they are of interest to former pupils no longer living in the area.

Photographs and details courtesy of John Robson.

Haverton Hill Road

This photograph shows the Haverton Hill Hotel in the foreground, the railway line to Port Clarence in the middle distance and Belasis Avenue in the background. I don’t have a date but the houses to the left of the hotel are sporting television aerials that were in use in the 1960s. Can anybody put a name to the row of houses and could the building just disappearing off the left of the photograph be St. Johns Church?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Junction of Richardson Road and Dennison Street, Stockton c2017

I took this photograph towards the end of last year close to the junction of Richardson Road and Dennison Street. The Elizabeth Embroidery shop in view was formerly a branch of Stockton Co-op Society. This area retains old memories for me having attended Richard Hind School 1952/56. I also did maintenance work on the old Co-op when I was employed by the company. Houses were eventually built on the old school site, also showing in the picture is the rear of the former school caretaker house which was next to the junior school. That school is still standing but now a community centre, I think the house is now used by an administration company. Since the days I attended RH school nothing much appears to have changed around the area of the Sunderland Glebe estate, apart from the housing on the old school site.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Robson.

Unidentified Stockton Area Street Party

These postcards show a street party and an ox roasting, possibly 1930’s judging by the fashions. They have a Stockton chemists stamp on the back. I wonder if any Picture Stockton site users can identify the street or event, if indeed they are our area.

Images and details courtesy of James Beadle.

Mill Street, Norton c2017

Mill Street is one of my favourite streets in Stockton and it’s architecture and quaintness never fails to capture my attention although I ignore the modern housing on the south side of the street and wonder ‘how in heavens name’ the planning committee ever gave permission for them to be built in the first place ! The street takes it’s name from the long demolished windmill which once stood at the top of the hill and was one of at least two windmills which stood in Norton, the other being at the top of Billingham Road somewhere near to where the medical centre now stands .

The blue-grey scoria bricks in the road and ornate brick work of the houses and cast drain covers as well as it being well kept all add to the ambiance of the whole street . I always wonder if the building in the rear yard of ‘The George and Dragon’ was once a stable or perhaps a barrel store with it’s high single door being used to off-load a wagon or cart but which is now missing it’s loading arm and hoist and with a partially bricked up arched door in the yard too. Taken 11 May 2017.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.