Class Photograph, Billingham South School c1962

A class photograph taken at Billingham South School c1962, the teacher is Mrs/Miss Morgan.
As I remember.. front row 2nd left to middle is Lilian Kennedy, 5th left is Anne Walker and to the right of the teacher is Dorcas Charlton.
Centre row… 10th left is Glen Walker (I believe he emigrated to Canada) and back row…
8th from the left is Keith Jacks (his parents ran the Three Horseshoes at Cowpen Bewley) and 9th is Alan Melville, I wish I could remember the rest but 56 years is a long time.

Photograph and details courtesy of Kenneth Robinson.

Woolworths Staff

I believe this photograph was taken in the early 1950s as my mother Eileen Southall, 14th from either left or right of the photo looks to be in her 20s. She was born in 1928 and has lived in Norton for most of her life.

I don’t know any other names, maybe others can help put names to faces.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jan Hemblade.

Class Photograph, Redbrook Primary School c1963

This photograph was taken at Redbrook Primary School c1963.  It is the class photo of the last year.  Mr Brown the Headmaster is on the left and Mr Gardner the class teach on the right.  Apologies in advance if I have any names wrong.

Back row: David Lofthouse, Peter Rigg, Alan Ward, ??, Stephen ?, ? Plews, Brian Winter, Geoffrey ?, ??, ??, Malcolm ?, ??, Anthony?

Middle row: ??, David Ward, Linda Ord, Susan Oliphant, Barbara ?, ??, Maureen ?, Heather ?, Anne ?, Alice McConnell, Gail Honeyman, Alan Briggs, Eric Seviers.

Front Row: ??, me (Susan Rawe), Hazel ?, Carol Thornton, Linda ?, Denise Ward, Barbara Swales, Christine Lavrick, Dorothy ?, Ann Ward, ??, ??, ??.

Photograph and details courtesy of Sue Murray.

St Gerard’s School Football Team c1955

A photograph showing the Football Team from St Gerard’s School, Haverton Hill c1955. I do believe we won a game but cannot recall the name of our opponents, or if indeed it was just a dream…

Back row (l-r); Mr D Carroll (best teacher ever), Terry Lavery, Terry Callaghan, Cecil Crinnion, Petter Nugent, John Waller, Micky Daniels. Headmaster Mr Morrisey.
Front row (l-r); Frankie McGrogan, Tony Crinnion, Charlie Kennedy, Billy McGreal, Frankie Kennedy.
Nice to see old photographss of Haverton Hill to remind us of how things used to be.

Photograph and details courtesy of Cecil Crinnion.

Richard Hind 1965, 2018

The last single sex intake, also the last year when children could leave school at 15, 1969. We managed to get together again this year following our 2016 meeting with more numbers than last time. Who knows maybe we can get even more next time!

Back row; Dave “Sid” Foundling, Roger Thompson, Ian Reeve, Nigel Clegg, Dave “mini” Cooper, Brian Maddigan, George Thomson, Barry Moss, Keith Leonard, Keith Wild, Colin Mitchell, Norman Hill
Front row; Catherine Bell, Jean Ungurs, Liz Hindmarsh, Christine Fawdon, Valerie Goynes.

Graham “swag” Swales and Derek “Decca” Ferguson managed to miss the photo!
Friends no longer with us were also remembered, Dilys Heimer, Steve Bromfield, Alexander “dabsy” Westwood, Michael Douglas and David Napoleon.

The highs and the lows were well remembered.

Photograph and details courtesy of Norman Hill.

Billingham South Junior School c1954

Mr Matthews class, 2nd year juniors, was taken c1954. Fortunately I listed the names of my classmates on the back of the photo otherwise I would have been really struggling for names. My apologies to the girl on the front row, 3rd from the right whose name I omitted from my original list. Sorry! Perhaps someone can fill in the gap.

With apologies for any misspellings.
BACK ROW: Brian Gibson, Leonard Hodgson, Leonard Partridge, Tony Guthrie, Jeffrey Carr, Keith Sedgwick, Peter Sanderson, Richard Baker, Roger Reay.

2nd BACK ROW: Roy Smith, John Lake, John Hutchinson, David Joseph, Leslie Rowe, Bill Gutteridge, Stewart Foster, Ted Catchpole, Trevor Davies.

2nd FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Weaver, Ann Barker, Pamela Dixon, Christine Stubbs, Andrea Tucker, Thelma Pooley, Ann Hutchinson, Christine Sowerby, Hazel Tinkler, Jean Hauxwell, Pauline Goodwin, Lyn Bowman.

FRONT ROW. Hilary Restall, Maureen Dodd, Edna Tomlinson, Barbara Patterson, Pat Dixon, Jaqueline Wissen, Mr (Peter?) Matthews, Mr Bagley (Head), Margaret Tierney, Brenda Redhead, Carol Griffiths, ?????, Maureen Besford , Jane Barker.


The Last Billingham Urban District Council c1967/68

I was living in Billingham when this the very last Urban District Council was disbanded and replaced by the Teesside authority. All of these names and all of these faces will be mostly forgotten, the only member of this council I remember is Jim Tatchell and that is only because he lived around the corner from me. The one person I do remember was Fred M Dawson who was clerk to the council from 1947 to 1967 and he isn’t in this picture.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Class Photograph, Final Year at Richard Hind

Mr Olver was the Headteacher on the left and the famous Ikey Moses on the right. Back row; Norman Stephenson, Nigel Bond, Colin Brewster, Billy Wrenick, Malcom Amos, Ian Pirie, Leonard Fawcett, Eric Short, Barry Hewitson.

Next row down; Christine Collinson, Grace Cane, Paula Ballentine, Janice Peters, Carol Murphy, Victoria Porteous, Sandra Johnston.

Next row down; David Williams, Linda Booth, Jill Moody, Marie Wilson, Elinor Smith, Wendy Wood, Dawn Chambers, Jean Calvert, Donald Johnston. Bottom Row; Stuart Fellows, John Dale, Alan Dickinson, Jimmy McConnel, Geoffrey Steele, Brian Ostle. Sorry for those names that I may have spelt incorrectly..

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Pirie.