The Brand Family of Stockton

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t15421The first photograph shows my great grandparents, William Wylie Brand and his wife Rosehannah,  they ran the Waverley dining rooms within the Waverly Hotel on Stockton High Street during the 1890s.

The other two photographs are of a gentleman who’s identity I am curious about. I don’t know when they were taken or where but possibly around about the turn of the century. Any help would be much appreciated.

Photographs and details courtesy of Chris Shields.

Onyx Bobsleigh Team, 1973

rp008The only information we have about this photograph is the title, ‘Onyx Bobsleigh Team’. Were these submariners part of the Great British Bobsleigh Team?. Roz Prichard was a teacher at Tilery Primary School, could it have been taken in the school hall? The date on the photograph is 17th July 1973.

Photograph courtesy of Carole Prichard, in memory of Roz Prichard.

Mikado, Grangefield Grammar School c1960-61

t15403A photograph showing the all-male cast ready for Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado at Grangefield Grammar at the start of the sixties.
There are some very distinguished old Stocktonians dressed as girls in Kimonos and wigs: Antony Charlton, Garth McLean and Colin Clark. I’m there too. Do you recognise the others?

Photograph and details courtesy of Ian Black.

Discovering New Ancestors

I’ve just discovered new ancestors, Ellie and John McDonough. He was a train inspector. They lived at 81 Gilmour Street. They had two sons, John Joseph and Vincent (who became a physician). In 1908 John McDonough was working as the Night Inspector at Norton Depot.

I found some old letters with addresses for John McDonough, so perhaps someone can tell me, would the house in the photograph have been 81 Gilmour Street or 2 Cambridge Road, Thornaby?

Photographs and details courtesy of Casey Brown, Pittsburgh, PA USA.

Staff at Stephenson Hall, Billingham

t15374This photograph shows the staff at Stephenson Hall in 1967/68, I have a number of names but will be interested if anybody can fill in the gaps.
Front Row (l-r): Mary Bassett, Mary Binney, ??, Fred Chapman, William or Walter Summers, Jean Harrison, ??, Ann Nicholson.
Second Row (l-r): ??, ??, Tommy Lonsdale, ??, Tommy Colman, ??, ??.
The third row is a bit of a jumble but we start with the man in glasses and end with another man in glasses, there being 7 teachers in all, the back row has 4 teachers.
Third Row: Mr Beavis, John Heron, Alan Coates, Jim McCourt, ??, ??, Alan O’Connor
Back Row: ??, Alan Weallans, Ian Jones, ??.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

John Robert Hamilton with the Littlewoods Challenge Cup c1986

t15387Here is a photograph of my Dad, John Robert Hamilton next to the Littlewoods Challenge Cup at Littlewoods store in Stockton in 1986. Littlewoods took over the sponsorship of the Football League Cup in 1986 and, somehow, acquired the trophy in the picture as the new cup to be awarded to the winners.

The trophy had originally been used decades earlier as the trophy for the inter-departmental football competition at Furness Shipyard, Haverton Hill. Quite how Littlewoods got hold of it, I don’t know, but they asked for anyone who knew about it to get in touch via the Gazette – my Dad did, and was asked to go to the store for this photo, along with his winners plaque, that he is holding, from the time he won it at the shipyard. I believe that history does not have fond memories of the trophy however, with The Telegraph describing it in 2016 as “a handle-less monstrosity that defied the very definition of a cup.”

Photograph and details courtesy of John Hamilton.

Grangefield Grammar School Orchestra c1972

t15382A photograph of Grangefield Grammar School Orchestra at its regular rehearsal in the school hall, now demolished.  I think it was taken in about 1972.  I am playing trumpet at the back. Others I remember particularly are David Beall on cello, also a great singer, Richard Chesser on oboe, (now Head of Music at the British Library), William Bruce on cello (now an acclaimed professional cellist and teacher), Phil Davison on violin, Dean Agnew and Chris Huckle on French Horn.

I am now Director of Music myself in a secondary school, having been involved in music education all of my life, and I still marvel at what we were able to play in this orchestra, ranging from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no 3 to The Dambusters March, under the maverick tutelage of music teacher, Harry Horsman.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mark Pallant.

Billingham Church School c1970s

t15263This photograph of Billingham Church School on The Green was taken shortly before it was demolished, I don’t have the date for the demolition but the photograph is from the early 1970s.

The children are playing a game which we called ‘Knights’, the children being carried were supposed to push and shove each other until one of them fell off, something akin to jousting, this game was played in every school playground throughout the country and is quite possibly played still.

There were many lumps, bumps, cuts and bruises gained during this game as was the same with many other games we played, I have noticed in the background there is a young girl with a bandaged knee with blood seeping through, an everyday sight in my childhood.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.