Billingham ICI Messenger Boy Intake c1970

A photograph taken in September 1970 of the Billingham ICI Messenger Boy Intake. I can recall all of the faces and some of the names but not all… Tony Bailey, Alan Griffiths, Steve Davis, Malcom Finlayson, Micky Growling, Al Hart (Training Manager) and me, Steve Flounders. I’m behind and to the right of Al Hart, had a nice head of hair in those days. Steve Davis was my best man 5 years after this was taken and we’re still in contact with each other today, smashing lad.

Photograph and details courtesy of Steve Flounders.

Teachers at Hardwick Infant School

We were still Hardwick Infant School when this photograph was taken. From 1984 onward the amalgamation happened and we were Hardwick Primary School. I was Mrs Kell till 1989 when I married Roz and became Mrs Prichard.

Back row; ??, Mrs Smith, ??, Miss Henderson, Mrs Cowell, ??, Mrs Kell, Mrs Jewett, Mrs Reed. Front row: Mrs Mantle, Miss Sharp, Mrs Carson (Head), Miss Greenwell, Mrs Hart.

Photograph and details courtesy of Carole Prichard.


The Shields/Hall Family








The first photograph shows my Great Grandfather on my dads side Richard Shields, his daughter Marian, my dad John Hall Shields, stood behind his dad and my dads stepmother Mitz (Manson).

The second photograph is of Richards first wife Ethel Shields nee Hall with her son John Hall Shields c1913. I think they maybe Halls still living in the Stockton area.

Photograph and details courtesy of Chris Shields.

Pupils at Westbury Street School

This is a photograph of Westbury Street school in Thornaby. I can’t remember the year, but I am 5th from the left bottom row.

Back row (l-r): ??, Colin Walker, Fred Wood, Keith Talintyre, Brian Friend, Jeff Ellis, ??, ??, ??, Miss Bell.

Second row (l-r): Jeff Handley, Gordon Houldey, ??, David Purchase, Lionel Reed, ??, Harry Bradley, John Williams, Charlie Law, Alan Duckett.

Third row (l-r):  Keith Alexander, Ronnie Larsen, Neil Barker, Graham Winstanley, Freddie Iceton, Colin Whittaker, John Crowther, ??.

Front row (l-r): Charlie Wright, David Craggs, Alan Lynas, Benny Wilberforce, John Vincent, Terry Brown, ??, Geoff Walker, Norman Liggitt.

Hope some of the boys are still with us, would be nice to hear from them.

Photograph and details courtesy of John Vincent.

Pupils at Oxbridge Lane School c1952

t15445This is a photograph that my sister had from her time at Oxbridge Lane School. We left Stockton in 1952 to come up to North Ayrshire. Janet (Shields) was then about 10 or 11. She thinks the photo may have been taken in the summer of 1952. Janet is 5th from the left in the front row. Names she remembers but can’t put faces to include Margaret Pennock, Joyce Taylor, Rosemary Wardell, Sally ?, Margaret Ross, and Thelma ?

Photograph and details courtesy of Chris Shields.

Braun Cricket Team at Ashmores

t15436This is the team that won the Cricket Cup in the same year that the Braun Football Team won the Interdepartmental Football Cup. Back Row: ??, ??, George Short (manager), Geoff Smith, Ray Thomas, Jack Gilson, ??. Front Row: Will Carr, ??, Benny Brown, ??, Peter Johnson. Most of these players were in the football and athletics teams that managed to win the treble that year. Missing is Len Toulson who was also a member of this team.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Unknown c1964

t15422This photograph was taken on the afternoon of August 15,1964. It is outside the Queens Hotel (now demolished) which was next to Stockton Station. Every time I see it I wonder what became of the young driver. He will now be in his late 60’s early 70’s. Can anyone help me to trace or identify him?

Photograph and details courtesy of John Waller.

The Brand Family of Stockton

t15419 t15420








t15421The first photograph shows my great grandparents, William Wylie Brand and his wife Rosehannah,  they ran the Waverley dining rooms within the Waverly Hotel on Stockton High Street during the 1890s.

The other two photographs are of a gentleman who’s identity I am curious about. I don’t know when they were taken or where but possibly around about the turn of the century. Any help would be much appreciated.

Photographs and details courtesy of Chris Shields.