Dorman Long Frames

I know Dorman Long is not Stockton but many Stockton residents were employed by this great Teesside company, including may late members of my family.

The photographs are part of on interest to illustrate lesser known Teesside achievements. Surprisingly there seems to be a number of Great Western Railway, Swindon built, steam locomotives that have DORMAN LONG, MIDDLESBROUGH frames, although many more frames from metal produced closer to Swindon, eg Port Talbot, Wales.

According to the internet this preserved engine No. 4965 Rood Ashton Hall is a hybrid of the original No. 4965 and No. 4983 Albert Hall. The frames seem to be from the original No. 4965, and the boiler from No. 4983.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alan Boardman.

Loco shunting at St.John’s Crossing c1964

t15391Diesel shunter no. D3151 shunts wagons at St. John’s Crossing, which was where the railway line that went down to the quay, crossed Bridge Road, Stockton. It was also where the original terminus of the Stockton & Darlington Railway was. It is recognised by a plaque on one of the nearby buildings. Taken 28 November,1964.

Photograph and details courtesy of Garth McLean.

Thornaby Station Approach

t15253Although this photograph was probably taken in the mid-eighties, I don’t remember it being very different from when I used to commute to the various Dorman Long sites around South Bank, Cleveland Works and Warrenby, although at that tine Warrenby was run by BISRA (British Iron and Steel Research Association). What was the Embassy Club and was there any special reason for the pedestrian overbridge?

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

Teesside Airshow c1976

Military Aircraft taken during the 1976 Airshow at Teesside Airport.

Photographs taken by Tony Whelan, courtesy of Nick Whelan.

Arrowsmith’s Removal Business

t15240This photograph was taken opposite the Red Lion in Norton. Frank Arrowsmith is on the left, 2nd from the right is Mr Featherstone. He used to give us a ride back down to Maple Avenue, Thornaby when we were kids. Arrowsmith’s shop is still going in Stockton, just near the station, it’s ran by Franks grandson. I bought Franks garage in Yarm in 1973.

Photograph and details Derek Brittain.