Hambletonians: Wynyard Hall Teaching College – 1952

A group of students at Wynyard Hall in 1952 – The Hambletonians.

Wynyard Hall became a training college in 1946 under the Emergency Training Scheme for Women Teachers. In 1950 it became a residential two year training college for women students.

We think the women in the photographs are S James, Sylvia Harrison, Hazel Jackson, June Fishpool, Margaret M Kay, Y.K Green, V Goodwin and Anne E ? The teacher is possibly Miss Warren.

6th Form Stockton Grammar School report from 1961

t14227 t14228








The results page would have been written just after I had done my “A” Levels in Chemistry, Physics, Pure Maths and Applied Maths. We also did a General Studies “O” Level, which was new at the time.

The headmaster was Mr Cain, who was a keen type. The Chemistry teacher was Charlie Golding and the Physics teacher Ben Thompson.

The marks that are given appear to be an estimate of what we would get in the exam. You may be surprised at how low they are. As far as I recollect I got 65% in Physics and 70% in Chemistry (or vice-versa). At the time 70% was a very good mark. Through sheer laziness I failed both Maths exams. When I went to Battersea College of Advanced Technology, everyone was put on an advanced maths course, in which those who had failed A levels had to pass or they would be out! On that occasion I did put in some effort, but I was never a natural at the subject.

I also failed the General Studies exam, partly because I probably knew more about the history of science than the examiners (thanks largely to Stockton Library). They also asked for a synopsis of a book published after 1950. Unfortunately I chose 1984, which was written in 1948!

Images and details courtesy of Fred Starr.


Newham Grange Team, 1949/50

t14023This team contained five players who won their badges for being selected for the Stockton Boys team during the year of 1949/50, they finished second to Richard Hind School in the League that year.

The team on the photograph are: Back Row, left to right – Lol Cann (right back), Frank Pearson (outside right), Alan Dalkin (left back), Frank Fishburn (reserve), Derek Banks (centre forward), John Campbell (outside left), Alan McInnis (left half)

Front Row, left to right – Trevor Briggs (centre half), Dennis Grubb (goal keeper), Benny Brown (inside left), Ray Frost (right half), Mark Dolan (inside right). Sitting on the ground is Keith Britain (reserve) and Chris Dunning (reserve).

Only three of the team are wearing their badges Trevor Briggs is not and Derek Banks never received his badge which I believe was due to leaving school early on reaching the age of fifteen – pupils who were 15 years old by Christmas could leave school and look for a job, which Secondary Modern pupils could – they did not have to wait to take any certificates at end of the year as the Secondary Grammar schools did. This early leaving affected about half of the Newham Grange Team of that year and as a result they were not as strong at the end of the season as they were at the beginning.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Stockton Boys Badge

t13936Does anyone still have his badge in their possession? My badges are now 65 years old – I was 13 years old when I received my first badge playing in the under 15’s team of 1947/48. Other members of this team were: Goal Keeper Burdon of St Bedes, Right Back Big Harold Atkinson of Bailey Street, Left Back Eddie Dunn of Oxbridge, Right Half Les Mitchell of Newham Grange, Centre Half Barry Butler of Richard Hind, left half unknown, Outside Right unknown, Inside Right Jimmy Johnson of Bailey Street, Centre Forward Talla Taylor of Richard Hind, Inside Left Stacka Denholm of Richard Hind, Outside Left Benny Brown of Newham Grange. Can anyone help with the players I can’t remember?

I do not know if the Stockton Boys Badge is still awarded to Town Representatives at school boy level and would be interested to know if they are presented with a badge today.

Image and details courtesy of Ben Brown.

Class 4B Norton Board School, Norton High Street



t6117Class 4B Norton Board School, Norton High Street c1955. Form master Mr Thompson?

Photograph courtesy of Joyce Webster (nee Hough). Joyce is seated on the bottom row second from the left. Does anyone know any of the other pupils on the photograph?

Norton High Street School c1980s

t13354 t13356 t13357 A selection of photographs showing Norton High Street Primary School possibly in the early 1980s. The Headteacher Mr Brown can be seen among the pupils lined up in the playground. Other views show the nursery and one of the pre fabricated classrooms. I hope the photographs bring back happy memories for any former pupils.

Photographs and details courtesy of Tom Collins.













St. Cuthbert’s School, Stockton c1950

t13273We anonymously received a photo album entitled ‘St. Cuthbert’s R.C Mixed School, Stockton-on-Tees, 1950’ recently. The Headmaster at the time was Mr. J.A Connors. We’ll share the photographs with you all over the coming days…

Update:  Donated to Fairfield Library by Tony Cooney. He believes the photo album once belonged to the head teacher who lived in the house at Jesmond Grove which he moved into last year.

Jesse Bateman’s Class, Wolviston Primary School c1946/47

t13030A class photograph of Miss Jesse Bateman’s class, Wolviston Primary School. The names I remember are… Back row (l-r): John Foster, Stan Linton, Reg Hardwick, Tony Benson, Peter Dodds, Roy Thornton. Middle Row (l-r): Elizabeth Stainthorpe, Dorothy Reynard, Anne Reynard, Winsome Wossum, ??, Gill Swinbank, Barbara Lax, Anne Brackenborough. Front Row (l-r): Mary Pearson, Kath Hutchinson, ??, Miss Bateman, Joan Cook, Ethel Dodds, Margaret Smith.

Photograph and details courtesy of Tony Benson.

St Johns School c1953

t12928A photograph c1953 of St Johns School, Stockton. My cousin, Judith Egan is on the front row, second from the left and John Sudlow is on the middle row, fifth from the left. I recognise the teacher, Mrs Wright as she taught me a couple of years later. Can anyone name the other children in the photograph?

Photograph and details courtesy of Glenn Hutchinson.

Billingham South Modern 1957

t12811This is a photograph of Miss Braithwaites class at Billingham South Modern in 1957 after we had failed the 11 plus. Some of the pupils stayed at the South Modern for their education and others moved to the newly opened Billingham Campus Stephenson Hall in 1958.

Back Row – Peter Johnson, Neville Race, Keith Rattue, Colin Thonton,??, ??, Les Dean
Second Row from the back – Tommy Dent, Harvey Knox, ??, Steve Nelson,??, Brian Bell,??, Dave Wiliamson, John Crossfield, Stan Kitchen
Third Row from the back – Billy Wallace,??, ??, Kathleen Dean,? Barker, ??, ??,Lynn Mawlem, ??, ??, George Marsey, Bill Gooderman, Ian Dalrymple.
Front Row – Beryl ?, Kay Durham, Jayne Barker, Jacqueline Clayton, ??, Miss Braithwaite, Judith Huntstridge, Margaret Baily,??, ??, ? Ibbotson, ??

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Billingham North Junior School, 1956

t12810Mrs Marshall’s class at Billingham North Junior (now Pentland Primary). The pupils are all about 10 years of age and are preparing for the 11 Plus exam the following year.         

Back Row – John Betts, Steve Nelson, Billy Bennett, ??, Brian Bell, ??, John Patrick, ??, ??, Dave Livingston, John Crossfield, Dave Smith. Middle Row – Michael Allen, ??, ??, Terry Hutchinson, ??, Lorna Bell, ??, Maureen Edgar, ??, Jennifer Richmond, Barbara Dawson, Tom Smith, Keith Rattue, Brian Storey, Billy Wallace, Neville Race
Front Row – Jaqueline Brough, Valerie Walker, Ann Venus, Judith Henstridge, ??, ??, Mrs Marshall, Susan Barnes, ??, Jaqueline Clayton, Maureen Povey, Valerie Hanson, Carol Turnbull. Seated – Les James, Robert Stone,  Billy Woodall, ??

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Westbury Street School, Thornaby c1952

t12809Here is a photograph of Westbury Street school, Thornaby. I’m not sure of year but could be about 1951-1952. I’m sure somebody will answer that!  It would be nice to hear from anybody in that photograph, and where are they now?

The names are ;  Back Row – ?, Colin Walker; Fred Wood; Keith Talintire; Brian Friend; Jeff Ellis; David Turnbull; ?;  ? Johnson; Miss Bell. Middle Row – Jeff Handley; Gordon Houldey; Robert Huggins; David Purchase; Lionel Reed; David Henderson; Harry Bradley; John Williams; Charlie Law; Alan Duckett. Next Row – Keith Alexander; Ronnie Larsen; Neil Barker; Graham Wintersgill; Fred Iceton; Colin Whittaker; John Crowther; John Larmouth;  Front Row – Charlie Wright; David Craggs; Alan Lynas; Benny Wilberforce; John Vincent; Terry Brown; ? ;  ? ; Norman Liggett.   

Photograph and details courtesy of John Vincent.

Roseworth Junior Class 4C c1961/62

t12804This old school photograph shows the Roseworth Junior Class, 4C. I think it may have been taken about 1991/1962.

Our classroom was in the ‘Black Huts’ of Kiora Hall, it was an old ‘Prisoner of War’ compound. Not many of us made it to grammar school but what fun we had in those days. The form teacher was Mr Crab and the headmaster was Mr Knowles.  I wondered if any of the lads and lasses were still around, I would love to hear from you…

Photograph and details courtesy of Micky Snaith.