Grangefield Grammar School Orchestra c1972

t15382A photograph of Grangefield Grammar School Orchestra at its regular rehearsal in the school hall, now demolished.  I think it was taken in about 1972.  I am playing trumpet at the back. Others I remember particularly are David Beall on cello, also a great singer, Richard Chesser on oboe, (now Head of Music at the British Library), William Bruce on cello (now an acclaimed professional cellist and teacher), Phil Davison on violin, Dean Agnew and Chris Huckle on French Horn.

I am now Director of Music myself in a secondary school, having been involved in music education all of my life, and I still marvel at what we were able to play in this orchestra, ranging from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no 3 to The Dambusters March, under the maverick tutelage of music teacher, Harry Horsman.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mark Pallant.

Billingham Church School c1970s

t15263This photograph of Billingham Church School on The Green was taken shortly before it was demolished, I don’t have the date for the demolition but the photograph is from the early 1970s.

The children are playing a game which we called ‘Knights’, the children being carried were supposed to push and shove each other until one of them fell off, something akin to jousting, this game was played in every school playground throughout the country and is quite possibly played still.

There were many lumps, bumps, cuts and bruises gained during this game as was the same with many other games we played, I have noticed in the background there is a young girl with a bandaged knee with blood seeping through, an everyday sight in my childhood.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Wolviston Primary School, 1945/46

t12290A class photograph of Wolviston Primary School taken in 1945/46 with the Headmaster, Mr Batey.

Back Row: Wilf Thornton, Tom Parker, Kath Hutchinson, Joan Cook, Ethel Dodds, Mary Pearson, Roy Thornton.

Third Row: ? Durkin, Maurice Dowd, Joe Allen, John Archer, Joyce Brackenborough, Brian Sayers, George Thornton, ? Ward, Bill Sisson.

Second Row: Ann Brackenborough, Dorothy Reynard, Barbara Lay, Joan Reynard, Peter Dodds (my brother), ? Durkin, ??, Ann Bullock.

Front Row: Jill Swinbank, Bill Archer, Tom Linton, Reg Hardwick, John Foster, Sid Hutchinson.

Photograph and details courtesy of Ethel Foxley (nee Dodds).

Staff at St. Patrick’s School, Thornaby c1960s

t15153Probably taken in the early 1960s… These teachers taught in ‘the huts’, the secondary school of St Patricks
I don’t know why Vin Martin isn’t on this one. Front row from the left; Kath Fllyn, Margaret Ahbrams? Marjorie Kilcoyne (my mum), ? Dalton Headteacher, Chris Laird, ??, ??, ??.
Back row from the left: Art Teacher ? Mick Spain, Woodwork Teacher, Len ?, ??, Frank ? and ??

Photograph and details courtesy of Lesley Wilson.

Bader Primary School, Thornaby

t15142 t15143It is nice to see that the new Bader Primary School signs give a hint as to were the school name originated from or should I say from whom it originated?

Indeed both Sir Douglas and Lady Joan Bader were there at the official opening of the school and today it stands on Thornaby Road appropriately between the Thornaby Spitfire and the Airman’s Statue both also reflecting the towns aeronautical history and the debt we owe to The Few.

Photographs and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Which School?

t15120I have been given this photograph to include in the Billingham School Album, the information that came with it says that It is St. Johns on Cowpen Lane, Billingham. I have a number of photographs of St. Johns and the building is very similar to the one in this image but the houses to the right of the image are definitely not next to the school. It has been suggested that it may be St. Johns at Ragworth, since demolished and rebuilt. Does anybody know which school this is and who the teachers are?

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Billingham Stephenson Hall c1960s

t15121This picture of Stephenson Hall shows the Hale Road entrance, this is just off Marsh House Avenue, the two storey wing to the left housed the Headmaster’s and secretary’s offices and the staff rooms, the single storey part was the dining area combined with the stage, beyond which was the main hall, this was sunken by about three feet.

The door in the corner was the staff entrance, the upper floor of the building behind the grassed area was the ‘Domestic Science’ room, the lower floor was the girls cloakroom.

The building is typical of it’s era, architecturally uninteresting and has since been demolished, the activities inside the building were much more interesting, there were many excellent teachers and the facilities were second to none, because the whole of the school started together on a September morning in 1958 there were no ground rules or set routines, we were all finding our feet at the same time and this included the staff.

Available to download is The Photo and Memories Album of Billingham School: 1951/1961.

Image and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman

Stockton Billingham Technical College c1967

t14778Stockton Billingham Technical College on Finchale Avenue in Billingham, it appears to have been taken from either the Bowling Alley which was on the first floor above Asda or from the roof of Roys furniture store, to the right is John Whitehead Park, the road in the foreground is The Causeway and behind the college theatre is the Community Centre.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Billingham Baby Boomers

Billingham Baby BoomersWe recently had a school reunion and during the organising stages it was suggested that a “Photo & Memories Album” should be put together, we have started the project and have written the program that will display images and text in an electronic book on a computer.
We are trying to contact as many people as possible that are Billingham Baby Boomers -that is anybody born between late 1945 and late 1946 who attended any Billingham School between 1951 and 1961.

We are interested in photographs, anecdotes, memories and anything associated with school years, who was your best friend?, did you keep in touch?, did you contact them through social media in later years?, imagine you are sat with a group of old school friends over a coffee or a beer, you reach the “Do You Remember” stage, what do you talk about?, who do you talk about?, everybody has a memory of something that happened at school, sometimes good sometimes bad, sometimes a shared experience sometimes an individual experience we all had teachers we liked and others we disliked, Miss Fletcher anybody?

This album will be of interest to the people involved but we are mainly trying to create something for your children and grandchildren and even further down the line, most of us just accepted our parents as “Being There” and never gave a thought to how they had spent their formative years, that is until they are no longer with us, then we say “I wish I’d asked my Mother/Father about themselves and their early years when I had the chance”.

The “we” that are mentioned above are myself Bruce Coleman and Brian Storey, Brian will be known by many people in the Teesside area as he has been teaching in various schools for close to 50 years and is still teaching to this day.
Please don’t hesitate to make contact, when the album is completed it will be freely available to all, please help us make this work.

Even if you can’t scan and email photos or send your thoughts by email still contact us we will organise something. We already have seven class photos from both Billingham North and Billingham South schools taken between 1954 and 1958 and we will send email copies of them to anybody who is interested, all of the photos have as many names that we can remember included in them. Contact Details

Information courtesy of Bruce Coleman.