Lidl Supermarket, Yarm Road c2016/17

Photographs of the Lidl Supermarket being built on Yarm Road, Low Hartburn.  They show the construction at various stages through late 2016 to early 2017.  The supermarket is being built on the site of Nifco (formerly Elta Plastics).

Photographs and details courtesy of Queensgate Residents Group.

Durham Road, Stockton

t15241 t1524280 Durham Road – The picture was taken August 2016 when the “modern” signage had fallen off the run down shop to expose what you see. This was clearly a Bakery Shop for the Sparks Bakery, but I am unable to date it other than to say it was before 1975 when I moved to Stockton. None of the electoral rolls list No.80 so it must have been purely a shop.

78 Durham Road – The picture was taken August 2016, next door to Sparks Bakery Shop was Cleavers Butchers Shop – the name and occupation always amuses me. This morphed into the shop front shown on the photograph sometime in the 1990’s. On each side of the shop you can see the bars which supported the canopy which kept the sun and rain from the shop front. Perhaps the original signage will be exposed one day.

Photographs and details courtesy of Peter Edwards.