Stockton Armed Forces Day, 22 June 2017

A number of organisations offered people the opportunity to find out more about the past, present and future of the Armed Services on Stockton High Street yesterday. There was a range of military and civilian support organisations including Regular Army Stands of Vehicles and 1 Close Battalion REME, Museums from The Heugh Battery Hartlepool, Local Regimental Associations information stands, Army reserve stands from 243 Provo Coy, 201 Field Hospital, 282 MC Sqn, 50 Sigs Sqn and 124 Recovery Coy, WW1/WW2 Singer Janie St John and Soprano Samantha Holden.

Photographs courtesy of David Thompson.

William Sharps Warehouse, New Street in Thornaby

William Sharp was a well known market trader with a towed caravan/stall placed adjacent to The Shambles on Stockton High Street. Mr Sharp sold fish, eggs and poultry and was famous for his boiled crabs and winkles at 6p a bag with a free pin provided. The eggs he sold were excellent value and his number one seller.

I worked for Mr Sharp (Bill) for four years, and always admired him and his wonderful family and son David. They rose at 5am each day, and took up their positions on the four markets they attended by 7am each day, getting back home at 6pm. This was fine in the summer, but an hardship in the winter when it was bitterly cold, snowed or rained. Suffice to say he never took an holiday, was never ill, and was always well admired by all who knew him. A fine man whom I still miss and admire.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bob Wilson.