Bentley’s Nightclub Prince Regent Street, Stockton c2017

Bentley’s was one of ‘the’ places in Stockton to go and boogie the night away in and probably even before disco too?
Close by was Tito’s in Brunswick Street, The Birds Nest in Yarm Lane and I seem to remember through the alcoholic haze of time Cizano’s and Bianco’s both also in Prince Regent Street. The ‘big two’ in Stockton were of course The Club Fiesta in Norton and The Kirk in Kirklevington and long before The Mall and is subsequent re-inventions appeared!The front of Bentley’s was fully boarded over for a long time and then removed possibly for re-development so I thought I better photograph the frontage before it disappeared for ever. Good times! Taken 17 September 2017.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

La Ronde, Billingham Town Centre c2006

Demolition of the former nightclub La Ronde in Billingham Town Centre, August – October 2006. Who enjoyed a good night out in La Ronde?

Photographs courtesy of J Sculley.

W Skinner’s, Eaglescliffe c1920

t12915These are two photographs of W Skinner’s on the Station Road/Swinburne Road corner in Eaglescliffe. In my opinion this photograph was taken just after the signwriting had been done (c1920) as the canvas has not been replaced over the steel frames. I believe the building has now been converted into flats.t12917

Photographs and details courtesy of James Marcus Beadle

Thornaby Town Centre c1996

Views of Thornaby Town Centre during Market Day in 1996.