Memorial Stone dedicated to First World War hero on 100th Anniversary

A service of dedication was held on Wednesday 16 August to honour the heroic actions of Sergeant Edward Cooper in the First World War.

A memorial stone was unveiled at the Cenotaph next to Stockton Parish Church to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Sgt Cooper’s bravery at the battle of Langemark, for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross by King George V.

Stockton High Street c1950s

t15256This photograph of Stockton High Street in the early 1950s shows a number of pre-war cars and of course the ever present Stockton Corporation buses, I don’t know if the ‘O’ bus in the foreground belonged to Stockton Corporation or Middlesbrough Corporation as the lettering system was used by Middlesbrough and Stockton used numbers until the formation of Teesside Municipal Transport…

Even then Stockton had it’s floral displays as shown by the hanging baskets on the lamp post, plus there is a Union Jack flying on the top of one of the buildings to the left, something of a rarity nowadays.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Stockton High Street c1910

t15203This is a snapshot taken from a British Gaumont film from the early 20th century, film producers would visit a town and film local activities which they would then show at the local theatre/cinema, as you can see the furniture depository was in Knowles Street which of course is still there, the film was taken from a horse and cart being driven along the High Street and shows many young boys messing about as only young boys can and other horse drawn transport as well as people on the footpaths.

Courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

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