Class 2, Hartburn School c1948

A photograph of class 2 at Hartburn School taken in 1948.

Standing: Brian McNaughton, Michael Edwards, David Chaplin, ?, David Wren, Miss Metcalfe (Mrs. Pace), Tony Ivison, Peter Dodds, Ronald Martin, Janice Whorlton, Douglas Roxburgh, Kenneth Hornby, Philip Veitch, Barbara Rickaby.

Seated: ?, ?, Carole Roberts, ?, ?, ?, Martin Burtt, Roger Kidd, Greta Wright, Anne ?.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Wren.

Billingham Bus, Billingham Town Centre

A Teesside Municipal Transport bus outside of the bowling alley in Billingham Town Centre, I can hazard a guess as to the date, I think it is very likely to be about 1969.

Before the formation of Teesside County Council this bus was part of the Stockton Corporation fleet and it looks to me as if the advertising poster on the side of the bus is covering up the old logo, it took many months to re-paint the fleet in the new colours, of course a few years later the fleet was renamed ‘Cleveland Transit’.

My wife remembers using the number 51 to travel to work in Stockton in the late 1960s and early 1970s, prior to that time the Corporation ran the 10 and 10A from Billingham town centre to Willey Flatts in Yarm and also ran the 2 and 2A, the 2 ran from the Transporter Bridge to Stockton High Street and the 2A from Cowpen Village to Stockton High Street, I seem to remember that the 2A wasn’t a full time service.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

‘Dear Mrs Pennyman…’ Local History Month Event

Event: ‘Dear Mrs Pennyman…’

Details: Join Roisin Higgins of Teesside University for a reading of emotional letters sent to Mrs. Pennyman of Ormesby Hall during WW1.

Location, Date & Time: Stockton Central Library, Thursday 11 May 2017 at 6.30pm

Tickets: Free event – booking essential as places are limited. Contact Stockton Reference Library on 01642 528079 to reserve a place.

A View of Stockton from the Transporter Bridge, April 2017

This was taken from the bottom of the top flight of steps, below the footway across the Transporter. Since I last took such a picture in 1985, the waste incinerator near the Newport Bridge has gone and the Princess Diana Bridge has appeared. After all the demolition on the ICI site, it is surprising that the big nitro tower in Haverton Hill is still there.

Photograph and details courtesy of Fred Starr.

High Speed Train approaching Yarm c1979

The images is of a High Speed Train, lead power unit number 254 018 (I believe the trailing power unit would be 254 019), which is in British Rail Intercity 125 colours. The first image was taken from Aislaby Road bridge as the train was approaching Yarm viaduct, and the second as the same train started to cross the viaduct. Probably early 1979.

Photographs and details courtesy of Alec Moody.