Ceramic Light Switch

This photograph shows the reverse side of a ceramic light switch found during the rewiring of an old Yarm house. The patent is shown as being granted in 1842, which leads me to wonder when electricity came to the town?

Photograph and details courtesy of Anthony Bonner.

Foundries of Thornaby

Following on from Philip Moore’s photograph of the Motor Cylinder Department at Crosthwaites in the 1920s, is this ragged article showing that by 1966 Crosthwaites was closing down and the teams moving to the Bon Lea Foundry including 8 women to join the 25 woman already there. The Bon Lea would survive only another 10 years or so. The main photograph shows Margaret Armstrong. Kathy Wrightson a co worker was only 17. I wonder if any Bon Lea workers are still with us? I am researching Thornaby foundries for the Thornaby Lives project and would love to hear from them.

Image and details courtesy of Derek Smith.

Head Wrightson TNPG ‘Dungeness’

Heat exchangers built at Head Wrightson, Thornaby for Dungeness Power Station. The heat exchangers were wrapped in timbers and trunnions added before being launched into the Tees. They were towed down to Dungeness and then rolled up the shingle beach before being installed in the power station.

Photograph and details courtesy of Tony Campbell.

Form 2a Grangefield Grammar School, 1954

Back Row (l-r): Margaret Dalkin, Jean Stainsby, Mary Foster, Carol Bonsall. Virginia Moody, Dorothy Rawling, Ann Durent.

Middle Row (l-r); Pat Brough, Jean Brown, Dorothy Shaw, Pamela Weedall, Gillian Thompson, Eileen Wright, Connie Stewart, Valerie Walls, Margaret Bulman, Kathlenn Thompson, Ann Parker, Sandra Spooner, Margaret Hendry, Norma Tattersdill.

Front Row (l-r): Ruth Granger, Diane Thompson, Anne Watson, Pat Hughes, Janet Charlton, Joy Richardson, Miss Smith, Mrs Tighe, Ruth Billsborough, Ann Huffor, Alice Parry, Judy Betteridge, Margaret Simpson.

Photograph and details courtesy of Mr and Mrs Bellerby.