Harvest Festival, Haverton Hill Infants c1950s

The Harvest Festival was always a highlight of the school year, we were forever telling our mothers that we needed something to take to put on the table, depending on how well or badly off we were at the time decided what we would take, if all else failed we could always rely on my fathers onion crop. These children look a little uncertain about being photographed, it was a fairly rare event at that time and most will have only been photographed at school, the children are practically standing to attention.

I note the presence of “Kellogg’s Corn Flakes”, Saxa Salt” and dark blue bags of sugar amongst the fruit and vegetables, there is also something called “Mixo”, I have no idea what this could be. I also spy a pair of “Billy Bunter” specs adorning the face of one of the boys, every class had at least one pair of these and each class also had a ginger haired child, my friend Brian was the spec wearer and I was the “Ginger Kid”.

These children will now be about 70 years of age and scattered far and wide, in the unlikely event of somebody recognising any of these children I shall be more than thankful if they can write in.

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Mayoral boards, Stockton Parish Church, 18 October 2017

There have been a few recent posts on Picture Stockton about the previous Mayors of Stockton and whilst I was in the Parish Church I was surprised to find these ‘honours boards’ just inside the main entrance. They are well worth a look but check the church opening times first as it is not always open and even then only by the side or rear entrance but certainly worth a visit.

Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.

Did you work at Head Wrightson? Do you know friends or relatives who worked there?

Did you work at Head Wrightson?  Do you know friends or relatives who worked there?  We need your thoughts, memories and reflections to help preserve a very special collection of photographs.

Chief Photographer at Head Wrightson’s Research and Development department, Alan Simpson, donated his negative collection to Stockton Borough Libraries.  The collection contains over 16,000 negatives detailing the work carried out by Head Wrightson from 1958-1978 with hundreds of images of employees at work and play, providing a fascinating insight into the culture of the company and of the time.

We’re in the process of putting a funding bid together to preserve and digitise the negative collection.  If you remember working at Head Wrightson or know people who did then let us know and we can add your thoughts to this exciting project.  Here are just a few of the pictures from the collection…