Stockton High Street Postcard c1960s

This postcard of Stockton High Street shows a very interesting range of architectural styles, the bay windows and dormers of the Jacobean period, the three storey, red roofed Georgian, the stone and red brick Victorian and the modern 1920s Art Deco.

I find it difficult to believe that nearly all of this was to disappear
within a decade.

Image and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

Bee-Line Holiday Invoice to Bangor c1967

t14442I’m sure there are many people in the Stockton and Billingham area who went on holiday with Bee-Line in years gone by. This invoice going back to 1967 was for myself, my parents, my grandparents and my uncle – our destination was Bangor in Northern Ireland.

So what did we get for the huge sum of £22 and one shilling each ?.

We left Billingham Green at 9.20pm on the Friday evening and drove through the night to Stranraer to catch the ferry to Larne. There was no direct route in those days and we went via Newcastle, Carlisle and a seemingly endless night time drive through Southern Scotland.

Our ferry was delayed as a lady, thankfully not from our coach party, slipped off the gangplank and had to be fished out of the harbour. On arrival in Northern Ireland I was quite taken aback to see that all the policemen in the Province seemed to be armed and this was two years before the troubles started.

When we arrived at our hotel, The Savoy in Bangor, we were one of seven coach trips there. Every day we had a full trip out going to places like the Glens of Antrim, Giants Causeway, the Mountains of Mourne and even a quick trip by boat into the Irish Republic. Luckily no customs officers were to be seen as this wasn’t strictly above board. If any of the ladies had purchased a watch south of the border, much cheaper than at home apparently, they were advised to conceal them about their person.

The hotel provided us with breakfast and evening meals and we had lunch at pre arranged stops. All included in the price. If that wasn’t enough the hotel laid on entertainment every night as well just to make sure we had our monies worth. As an added attraction there was a singing competition between the 7 coaches which was held on our final night of the holiday. My mum Doreen conducted our bus to the tune of John Browns Body and we gave it our best shot. And it has to be said, modestly, that we won.

A fantastic value holiday and we saw some lovely places. There was some real fun people on our coach and Timmy from South Bank still sticks in my mind.

Image and details courtesy of Martin Birtle.

Class photograph from Grangefield School 1958/9

This is a Grangefield School class photograph showing Form 2LB 1958/9.

Back Row (left to right): Geoff Daniel, Molly Maddren, Pete Hartley, Raymond Harker, Malc Turnbull, Tony Guthrie, Lyle Conquest, Tony Greenhalgh, Dave Gathergood. Middle row (left to right): ? Harwood, Howard Hill, Roy Smith, ? Groves, Dave Macadie, ? Denison, Jeff Carr, ? Smith, John Robson, ? Caygill, Nigel Ormandy, Geoff Barker. Front row (left to right): ? Sanderson, Dave McLeod, Chris Jackson, Joe Pollard, ? Ingham, Mr Bagley, Nev Gray, Atkinson, Hansell, Dave Warner, ? Beeston.

Photograph and details courtesy of Malcolm Dunn (who was absent from school when it was taken).

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Target Head Wrightson

Head Wrightson reproduced an aerial photograph which, early in the war, accompanied instructions to the Luftwaffe that their target should be Head Wrightson. Head Wrightson published this image in their magazine (Head Wrightson & Co., Ltd and Subsidiaries, World War II: 1939 – 1945) with the hope that the pin-pointed attention directed to us by our enemies will, in a different manner, be directed to us by our friends.

Image courtesy of Robert Greenwell.

Swainby Road, Stockton

This photograph shows the bulldozers at work during the final phase of the demolition of homes on the Swainby Road Estate, Stockton-on-Tees. This programme commenced in year 2014, as part of a Stockton Council housing old-for-new regeneration housing project. The £10m project was expected to take five years to complete, and was undertaken after residents were invited to a consultation event to find out what was planned for the area, along with details of the new family homes planned for this once highly popular, but now rundown estate. New residents were expected to move in, on a phased intake tenants scheme commencing in Autumn 2014.

Details courtesy of Bob Wilson, photograph courtesy of Neil Hodkinson (Evening Gazette).