8 thoughts on “Stockton Football Team

  1. I used to go to the Vic with my dad Kenny Heward he used to a supporter of Stockton CA I use to like the pork pies out of the tea shop. It was a shame for the ground to close.
    My dad was a supporter for many years and I think that was the main stand in your picture. Also my dad used to enjoy a drink in the moor pub before the game.


  2. I chose this pic because there is the doughty defender, Harold Stamper, selected by England Amateurs. Dad often mentioned him as typical of people like Stan Cullis.


  3. Stockton F.C. had three players selected for the England team in the 1912 Olympics. No other club had so many of their players selected. Harold Stamper was one of the half backs selected for the first team. W. Chapman was one of the full backs in the reserve squad. W. Callaghan was one of the forwards in the reserve squad. (Extracted from The Times, 21 May 1912)


  4. Can anyone put names to the players as my g uncle was center forward around that time, he was called Harold Stamper (Collie). I have no photo’s of him. He played for England in the 1912 Olympics and got the gold medal, he also played for Barcelona.


  5. This team was organised by the man in the cap and bow tie – I believe his name is Wase or Wake and that he was a timber merchant in Mary Street, Oxbridge. He was seeking to revive Stockton FC post war. Northern league football recommenced in August 1919 and in the first batch of games Stockton slumped to a 3-1 defeat at home to Redcar, much to the disappointment of supporters who had eagerly awaited the occasion. My Father, Len or Tom Sawyer, is front left. He had a reputation of being a very speedy winger. Two n ames I recall are Mark Pass and Bill Callaghan. The latter is the goalkeeper. The team are posed in their positions – goalie, full backs, half backs and forwards. My dad was outside right.


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