8 thoughts on “Norton Railway Station 1959

  1. This view of the station buildings looks towards the crossing and signalbox – both still present (crossing that served the Tile plant later Marshalls pavings, and now Westminster Oval housing estate) and if seen from this spot today you would see them, the Station Tavern, and the sports field buildings. In recent years a new footbridge has been built here, substantially higher than really necessary, (probably due to Network Rail) to allow foot access from the sports fields to newer pitches etc across the railway.

    Phil Charlton.


  2. I knew the photographer well and he lived quite close to this station. The picture shows an unrebuilt class B16 4-6-0 hauling a train of Conflat wagons which probably come from the nearby ICI works with Dricold containers on board. Dricold is solid carbon dioxide. There were regular Dricold trains scheduled in the late 1950s, early 1960s, which were of great interest to train spotters like me – they would be invariably be hauled by a B16 loco.


  3. I also remember the long walk to the seafront at Seaton Carew and back, it was tiring after a long day, I also remember being rubbed down with a towel after playing in the sea and the fine bit of black coal scratching and usually a cold wind as well. It was a treat anyway in those days long ago. Don’t forget the 1p Nestles chocolate from the machine on thr platform if you were really lucky!


  4. Frank, I and hundreds of kids in the 50’s must have had the same experience. Train journey to Seaton Carew and the long walk from the station down to the sea. There seemed to be a bend in the road making the view of the sea only available near the end of the road. Oh the excitement. The platform at Stockton waiting for the train was a highlight for the kids. The platform on a Sunday was full of parents with eager excited kids. Simple pleasures but great memories. To kids it seemed a great adventure and Seaton Carew was much busier in those days.


  5. What a lovely picture. I’ve been looking for one of Norton Station for ages. I well remember as a child going to Seaton for the day with my mam and baby sister Janet in her push-chair, walking from Roseberry Road, along Station Road to Norton Station. Quite a long way for a seven year old and the long walk at the other end. But sitting on the beach with a bag of Smith’s crips and building sand castles – heaven! I don’t remember a request stop but then, I was only a nipper.


  6. I well remember summer weekends when we’d walk all the way up Station Road to the station, catch a train to Seaton Carew and then walk all the way down to the seafront. Then in reverse on the way back. My poor little legs were worn out by the time I went to bed! Thornaby to Redcar was much more relaxed, but Mam & Dad liked Seaton better.


  7. I seem to remember that Norton was reduced to a request stop at one point – certainly on one occasion we were ‘forgotten’ and had to get off at Stockton and take the bus back to Norton!

    The footbridge was a good place for spotting – looking down the 4 track section towards Billingham, but it also cured me of the habit one Saturday afternoon, when the only movements were trip freights between Hartlepool and Stockton, all hauled by the same Ivatt class 4 2-6-0. I was bored rigid! If only there’d been B16s like the one pictured….


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