30 thoughts on “Stockton Schoolboys Football Team – 1960

  1. Surprised that nobody has mentioned the passing of Dennis Thwaites. One of those killed by terrorists in Tunisia last week. What a horrible act. Barbaric.

    • I see Denis Thwaites & his wife’s funeral is at the Reformed Church, Lytham St Annes, 1.00pm Wednesday 15th July. R.I.P.

  2. My wife Sylvia [Dawson] is a Stockton girl and found this web page of the Stockton boys 1960 football team and it brings back some nice memories of good times. I was a member of that team I also played in a game for Durham but it may have just been a trial for them. I remember Brian Winn as been a tall excellent wide right player who we wanted to stay on at school so he could still play for the team and David Payne was what would now be called a strong midfield player who got forward and scored goals
    It would be nice if any of the team read this and got in touch as we live in the London area

    • But Brian Winn leaving school opened the door for Donny Heath to come into the team and go onto a professional career at Middlesbrough, Norwich City and Swindon Town, as you know Davvy it is all about taking your chance in football when you get it and Donny certainly took his chance finishing with a Football League Cup and Anglo-Italian Cup winners medals with Swindon Town.

    • Hi David, David Payne here. My wife put this photo on. Happy memories. I live in Yarm now. Still have family in Thornaby. Hope you’re keeping well.

      • Hi Dave it was nice to see that photo and it did bring back some really good memories
        Sylvia and myself both still have family in Thornaby and Stockton and a big soft spot for the north east even though we lived in Bushey since 1970
        When we came to the north east we used to go out to different restaurants in Yarm and stayed most of the time at the Tall Trees Hotel which is now closed
        I don’t get up there quite as regular now except if it’s to watch a game and the majority of time I usually travel there by train from Kings X
        Good health to you and your family

  3. This Stockton Boys team is arguably the best to represent the town reaching the English Shield Semi-Final against East London Boys. Four of the boys became Football League first team players, which the team of 1946 who reached the final had none and maybe had the luck of the draw. Other Stockton Boys that made Football League first team pros were Dennis Clarke, West Brom, Gary Pallister,Boro and Man.Utd., Billy Wilkinson, Hull City, Barry Butler, Sheffield Wednesday, Andrew Davies, Gordon Jones, David Mills, Willie Maddren, Alec Smith, Boro any others.

  4. Boys who played for Stockton that also went on to represent England schoolboys, some were Norman Fowler, Denis Thwaites(Holy Trinity), Eric Young(Richard Hind) and Jonathon Franks. Gordon Jones(Holy Trinity) went for a trial for Durham schoolboys and was told he was too small, he later captained Middlesbrough F.C. and played 462 games between 1960-1970.

  5. Who is the teacher on the back-row right and what school was he from, could it be Chris Laird? Some of this team must have had Durham County trials for Dennis Thwaites to play for England Schoolboys, another Stockton schoolboy who played for England shortly after this team was Eric Young of Richard Hind.

    • Anon,
      the teacher on the right of photo is Neville (Dickie) Bird. He and Ken Tiffen were classmates of mine at Stockton Sec., Nelson Terrace, 1945-50!
      To the best of my knowledge he did not play for any football teams but he was a teacher at the same school as Ken Tiffen

      • Big Joe Whitfield in this photo was a good well-known local senior footballer, having played for South Bank. It shows Gran, even at this level Ken Tiffin had a trustee right-hand man, they must have been teachers at Blakeston School.

    • My name is Peter Mason and, at the time, was the PE teacher at Arthur Head School. Ken Tiffin was the team trainer/coach, Harry Rigg was the team manager and I was fitness and skills trainer. We realised early in the previous season that potentially we had a very strong side. So in the summer arranged a camp for a squad of about 20 prospective players. This worked well, not only in terms of improving fitness and footballing skills but also in developing team comradeship and player integration. John Pickering was the team captain and proved to be a very good choice as he was held in high esteem by all the players bringing out the best in them. It was with sadness that I learned of his death. A wonderful period to be part of carrying many happy memories. Thanks lads.

      • I can’t recall Dicky Bird but there were many teachers from a variety of schools involved in the enterprise. It was 54 years ago and I’m 82, sorry I can’t be more help. Regards Peter

      • Hi
        Mr. Mason
        I have fond memories of you teaching at Arthur Head. I wasn’t particularly good at sport but you didn’t ignore the rest of us who were only triers.If I remember you introduced basketball into the school and that team went on to become the Midgets that won the the North East junior championship in 62\63
        Rob wright

  6. Anon, what round was the Hull City boys game. I played in two games against Hull and we beat them on the third game after I left school.

  7. The scorers for Stockton Boys when they beat Wigan were Geoff Street, Chippy Cauldwell 3, Dennis Thwaites and Louis Payne. There is a photo of the Wigan Boys team and press cuttings of the match report on the Wigan World web-site.There was a crowd of 5,000 at this game.

  8. It shows what a cup it is to win and how many teams there are in the competition. To play in the final you had to play nine rounds, so there was over five hundred teams in this trophy, the schools in Stockton were well represented in this team, with eleven different ones including Brian Winn’s Bailey Street. It showed how well the local football in Stockton was supported in those days, Dave.

  9. This photo was taken when Stockton Boys beat Wigan 6-2 at Billingham. Stockton beat Barking in the quarter-final, Barking Boys had John O’Rourke in their team, he was a schoolboy international & later played for Middlesbrough scoring 38 goals in 64 games. Barking knocked Hackney Boys out in the 5th round, Hackney had Ron(Chopper) Harris(Chelsea) & Rodney Marsh(Q.P.R. & Man City) in their side.Stockton were beaten in the semi-final by East London Boys before a big crowd at the Victoria Ground, Stockton.

  10. With us being still in the English School Shield I don’t think we were considered to play, well that was how it was up till me leaving school at christmas. My last game was agained Hull boys in the second replay game

  11. This photo was taken at the back of Billingham Synthonia’s stand at Central Avenue. Dennis Thwaites played for England Schoolboys,but did anybody else in this team represent Durham?, maybe Don Heath or Brian Winn can answer this.John Pickering a Thornaby lad and Geoff Street a Ragworth lad have now passed on.

  12. Ken Tiffin was a teacher at Roseworth school & in season 1960-61 was in the Stockton & District League team Primrose Hill who won the Durham Minor Cup & the North Riding Amateur Cup,they also won the league winning 31 games & drawing the other.They won the Durham Cup against Southwick(Sunderland) 4-0 & beat the Teesside League runners up Brittania Rovers 5-2 in the North Riding Cup on the Victoria Ground Stockton.

  13. The team is as follows back-row L to R Teacher Ken Tiffin,David Brown(Richard Hind),Joe Whitfield(St Patricks),Kenny Thomas(Newham Grange),Davie Walker(St Cuthberts),Davvy Butler(Thornaby Grange),?,front-row Donny Heath(Newham Grange),David(Louis)Payne(Robert Atkinson),John Pickering(Arthur Head),Chippy Cauldwell(Oxbridge),Geoff Street(Frederick Nattrass),Dennis Thwaites(Holy Trinity).The four that turned professional were Butler,Heath,Pickering(who was first team coach at the Boro) & Thwaites.

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